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Welcome! Introduce Yourself HERE 🔥
Hi! Welcome to the Content Academy. This community is designed to help you build a profitable content strategy, efficient team & automated content process. Step 1: Introduce yourself in THIS THREAD below! (✄ copy/paste template 👇) Where are you from? What are you working on? What immediate help do you need? Step 2: Read the rules and checkout our free courses and paid programs
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Welcome! Introduce Yourself HERE 🔥
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@Stephen G. Pope I See you are a busy person.
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@Drew Milligan WOW I am happy to welcome another Milligan!
Hi all. Jane here. A Kenyan lady
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@Jane Gitau I predict you will have a lot of fun here. Pick a card any card…
Why Having A Contact Us Page On Your Website Could Be Costing You Money
Have you got a contact us page on your website? Well, it could actually be costing you money, and here's why. If you generated a lot of inquiries in a short space of time you'd be totally overwhelmed by the replies now we all know what usually happens with most contact us pages. They get forgotten may be for a few minutes but in most cases, it can be days, weeks , even never in some businesses. Did you know that by waiting 30 minutes to reply to an inquiry your odds of qualifying that lead reduces by 21 times compared with answering in 5 minutes? It's actually even higher if you are one of those very rare companies that reply in less than 2 minutes. But realistically very few companies answer a request on a contact us page in anything like 30 minutes. Does yours? You see your customer doesn't distinguish between a phone inquiry, a social media page inquiry, or a website inquiry they expect an immediate answer (or at least almost immediate) So why is it that so many web designers still put "contact us" pages on websites? It’s because everyone a few years ago was told that it was a way to stop receiving spam emails only problem is its also the most effective way of losing clients and subsequently sales. But I have good news for you there is an easy solution to this problem which can easily be installed on any website in a few minutes. It will allow your business to send a message directly from your website (hands-free) and also continue the conversation with your prospect on their mobile phone or PC at their convenience. This means you don't miss any inquiries, your customer gets the answers they need quickly and you get sent a text prompt to let you know you have a new request or in many cases even appointments booked in your calendar. When a prospect completes the form by entering their name, email address and ideally mobile phone number an AI Sales Bot (or Droid) can start a conversation with your visitors and help them or book them in your schedule based on their responses.
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I have been using a Calendly link for the same reasons that you mentioned. Contact pages get lost in the shuffle. I had never heard anybody else talk about contact pages that way.
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No I have not used a text reply? Interested in learning. I have been disappointed with the A.I. bots that I have encountered, but I am sure they will get more human like.
(Linkedin) Auto send DM to commenters that type specific word
Hi, I'm trying to find an app that can auto send dm to people that comment on my posts with a specific word. I use manychat for IG but need to find something similar for Linkedin. Any suggestions?
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@Sean Mize one problem I’ll never have is typing too fast.
dropbox work around
is there a work around for dropboxes limit on what file size you can move with their api?
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@Stephen G. Pope Great information.
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