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How do you sell courses in your community?
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Zapier Desktop to YouTube???
I've been trying to figure out how to get a file I put in a folder on my desktop (dropbox folder) and then have that trigger a zap to upload to YouTube. I've tried also auto-sending to a Google Drive first, but i can't even do that. There is some limit to the data. Anyone know a way around this??? I'm hitting a wall.
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Slack to Email automation. Possible?
Hi. Wondering if anyone knows how to do this: 1. Signup for multiple Slack workspaces 2. Watch a specific channel (eg: jobs) in each 3. Gather all the information and links daily into a single document/text file 4. Have AI de-dupe 5. Have AI go look at each job post and gather content 6. Create a short version blog post for every job in the list and post to my blog 7. Have AI write an email called "Jobs today xx/xx/xxxx" and send it to my Mailchimp custom email address with links to each job blog post + a link to the original post
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Use Google Docs To Automate Twitter Carousels
Made a quick video that shows you how to create Twitter Image Carousels for LinkedIn and also Instgram right from a Google Doc. 100% automated. I show you how to create the image template in Placid and the Make(dot)com automation that turns each line in a google doc into a twitter image carousel (PDF or images). Take a look.
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Spinning head...
I binged all of the free Classroom content last night (again) and had a question about what's exactly in the paid programs specifically related to the wire diagrams/outlines for processes and the training program mentioned where @Stephen G. Pope mentioned helping train a content manager. Is that a company specific training or is that a part of the resources and or paid member area?
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