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(Linkedin) Auto send DM to commenters that type specific word
Hi, I'm trying to find an app that can auto send dm to people that comment on my posts with a specific word. I use manychat for IG but need to find something similar for Linkedin. Any suggestions?
New comment Oct '23
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@Sean Mize yes that 100% true the biggest killer of your LinkedIn account I got a couple of sin bin periods until I worked out why. One thing you can do is of course send email as that doesn’t directly affect the LinkedIn algorithm.
1 like • Oct '23
@Bijan Izadi it’s really easy to get sin binned by LinkedIn
If You Hated Maths At School You'll Love This?
Ever wondered what business metrics could reveal to help you sell more of your services to your clients? Decipher the maths behind their monthly leads and visitors. It's not as complex as it looks. For instance, let's take a hypothetical scenario: They get a monthly footfall of 5,000 visitors. Their product's market value is $1000. (Just for easy calculations) The average website conversion rate usually hinges around 1.5-2%. Now, if their website follows this trend, the monthly data should look like this: Visitor conversion at 2%: 100 visits Sales tallying up to $100,000 Assuming a profit of 20% after costs, before tax, they rake in $20,000 This simple analysis shows that they can spend up to your gross profit margin to acquire a client and not incur any losses. [part of that could be working with you for a nice fee😉] But, let's imagine if you could double their conversion rate. We all specialize in making that happen but we don't use it to leverage our clients. Don't worry about the method we are using most clients don't care just deliver the results and your clients will stick with you for life. We get hung up on Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO, or a dozen other methods none of that matters is you show them this. Let's consider we boost the conversion rate to just 4% : Visitor conversion jumps to 4%: 200 visits Sales spike up to $200,000 Profit, post-costs, swells to $40,000 Simple equation, right? We are all marketers it's our job to show clients the value we can deliver them but we often concentrate on the wrong things. I am as guilty as the next person but I am now working on finding someone who will put me in front of clients because with this story who wouldn't want to hire me? We all need to find a way to get in front of as many qualified clients as possible and just show them the maths.
Why Having A Contact Us Page On Your Website Could Be Costing You Money
Have you got a contact us page on your website? Well, it could actually be costing you money, and here's why. If you generated a lot of inquiries in a short space of time you'd be totally overwhelmed by the replies now we all know what usually happens with most contact us pages. They get forgotten may be for a few minutes but in most cases, it can be days, weeks , even never in some businesses. Did you know that by waiting 30 minutes to reply to an inquiry your odds of qualifying that lead reduces by 21 times compared with answering in 5 minutes? It's actually even higher if you are one of those very rare companies that reply in less than 2 minutes. But realistically very few companies answer a request on a contact us page in anything like 30 minutes. Does yours? You see your customer doesn't distinguish between a phone inquiry, a social media page inquiry, or a website inquiry they expect an immediate answer (or at least almost immediate) So why is it that so many web designers still put "contact us" pages on websites? It’s because everyone a few years ago was told that it was a way to stop receiving spam emails only problem is its also the most effective way of losing clients and subsequently sales. But I have good news for you there is an easy solution to this problem which can easily be installed on any website in a few minutes. It will allow your business to send a message directly from your website (hands-free) and also continue the conversation with your prospect on their mobile phone or PC at their convenience. This means you don't miss any inquiries, your customer gets the answers they need quickly and you get sent a text prompt to let you know you have a new request or in many cases even appointments booked in your calendar. When a prospect completes the form by entering their name, email address and ideally mobile phone number an AI Sales Bot (or Droid) can start a conversation with your visitors and help them or book them in your schedule based on their responses.
New comment Oct '23
0 likes • Oct '23
I have tried a Calendly link but have you tried a text reply system on your website that works brilliantly. The main reason being is you can send them an an immediate message and then continue by text. I am also looking at using AI bots to deal with customer service and lead conversion.
1 like • Oct '23
Love to show you a bot demo to get your opinion it’s very much a work in progress but eventually it will learn any website or documentation it is given. For now it’s quite controlled mainly using them with clients to improve their sales conversions.
Should I Outsource?
Hi guys I am wondering what are your views on outsourcing tasks and how do you decide which tasks to outsource and which to stick with doing yourself?
New comment Sep '23
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@Sean Mize very good advice I tend to use that as a parameter for my outsourcing.
Does Scarcity Work When Selling Services
I was reading an article yesterday in which it asked “does scarcity increase sales when selling services?”. I was thinking about this and I came to the conclusion that provided the use of scarcity is genuine then it’s probably not only effective but also easy to implement. There are a number of ways that we can help use scarcity when it comes to selling our services. WE CAN ONLY TAKE ON A LIMITED NUMBER The one method I feel will be most effective is that because we sell individualised services we can realistically only hope to service a limited number of clients in any one month (especially if we are offering bespoke products) So the approach I am using is that we can only take on a limited number of new clients and we will be adding people to a waiting lists once we have our monthly quota. If I was selling something like a course or coaching program I would probably use bonuses as an incentive for people to take more immediate action. However when you do this you have to stick to your guns and don’t make any exceptions. The WIGIG strategy (when it’s gone it’s gone ) only works if you stick with it! If you feel compelled to continue an offer you can swap out bonuses but never be tempted to give people who missed your deadline the exact same package. If you do your credibility will be compromised and no one will trust your next scarcity ploy! I’d love to know what works for you selling your services plus what are your views on the use of scarcity as a way of getting people to take action?
New comment Sep '23
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