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Welcome! Introduce Yourself HERE 🔥
News Resources for new No-code tools!
@Stephen G. Pope can you share some news resources to learn about new No-code tools and software and their use case? Want to improve knowledge around new tools in market and need some trustable and updated source.
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Are You Humble Enough To Solve Your Own Problems?
In a world where everyone has to put on a persona that they know everything. (Especially in the marketing space) Are you secure enough in what you DO KNOW to ask the other basic questions that you DO NOT? It's hard to solve your problems if you're not first willing to admit you don't know. Or if you're afraid it will make you look, less than. These dynamics create baggage in our heads and keep us stuck. People will judge you (for a split second) when they see your question. But they will forget shortly after. And who really cares anyway what User4563 thinks or says? Either way you'll have the last laugh as you speed past them in the long run.
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Thanks To Everyone Looking Out For The Community!
@Rob Ruscher @Greg Tresler @Dani Goeppert @Mark Mage @Istvan Toth @Mark Wood @Darren Parker @Shubham Borad @Laszlo Horvath @Laszlo Csomor @Gert Leroy Keeping the content quality high is vital for success! Thanks! P.S. if you reported it too and I missed it, thank you 🙏
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Thanks To Everyone Looking Out For The Community!
Moving arrows in YouTube videos
Huge fan of @Stephen G. Pope! I have a question regarding the moving arrows in the YouTube videos whenever we are trying to direct a viewer to a specific thing in the video. How is this done? Is this a special software of sorts? Would love to know
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