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How to split images via API?
I'm trying to work in a carrousel automation that a designer requested for me but got stuck in a stage. He makes the whole thing in a strip horizontal 1200x[number of slides]. Does anyone know of an API that can split the image every 1200px? Or if there is a function like that in Placid?
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@Gabriel Neuman I'm checking out the documentation for both, great tips! thank you This is exactly what I needed:
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@Mitchell Dong This is the big challenge, designers want to edit in canva, figma or adobe suite. My findings were: 1. Figma requires enterprise plans to have dynamic fields and operates via Oauth2, making it a bit harder for beginners to use. 2. Canva has no API for automation 3. Adobe requires the most complex solution of all Overall i tried to find a way to create editable files in placid and bannerbear to no success. Current solutions have no way of letting designers use their tools to edit.
Would this carousel help you make better videos?
Hey all! I’m looking for feedback on a carousel I spent way too much time on 🫠 A common problem I’ve seen with videos my client shot - that I am now editing, is that they shoot in full auto mode instead of controlling the settings manually. I wanted to create something I could send to them to help. (I’ve tried offering a free 30 minute zoom call to walk through it and help but they’re always too busy) So long story short I wanted to make something I could post on social media and also share with them. Is this helpful to you? Does it make sense? Anything else I can do to add value? P.S May 30th 📣 I’m hosting a Zoom call to go over how I organize my projects and my workflow from first thought to publish. More details coming soon
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Would this carousel help you make better videos?
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Content is helpful but the delivery is very weak. Hook is too rational and long: What is it that your audience wants? You assume people want to shoot in manual(and know what that means), but most beginners would rather have "the look" without the hassle. Thinking from their perspective would that be a reason to stop scrolling? Hit them with an emotional reason and your engagement/discovery probably will grow. - Doubt and Fear: " 4 mistakes killing your aesthetic videos" - Desire: "4 ways to instantly level up your video" - Shame: "Mistakes only newbie's videos have" Then change the copy to present examples > why its bad > solution You could even repurpose each section to dive a bit deeper and go beyond what everyone else does. Design is feeling a bit raw and simple: - There are no images to represent the content aside the headline - Repetitive alignment is not stimulating to the reader - Too much text in some slides - Color scheme is ok but the visual hierarchy gets lost because the copy is too crammed inside each slide More than anything I would say that you must use more images if your writing skills are not mastered, even more so in the image creation niche. Instead of the arrows to the side in every slide, use a split image half in one and half in the next to show people it keeps going. You can also use a color change with shapes when you go to the next point. Add textures or shadows to the background so it pops out more. Lastly the logo feels out of place in your context. Took a look at your website and it is all sleek and high tech, it does not match with a handwritten cartoony font and drawings. Wrote this in a hurry, sorry if it came out too harsh
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@Stephen G. Pope the crazy part is that people normally pay me for that 😂
Do You REALLY Need A Plan? Or Is That Plan A Waste Of Time? ⏳
Planning can be a powerful thing, sometimes. But it can also be a waste of time. Planning can also become overwhelming as well if you're stuck in planning mode. Sometimes we lack the experience to build detailed plans to achieve large goals. So if we try, that can lead us to spin our wheels and go down useless rabbit holes and todo list building. Or scanning the internet for the perfect plan. When is a plan a good thing? Well consider this, I could pretty easily give you a plan to get on video, or scale your content to 100+ pieces of content per week. It would be very detailed and would lead you right to where you need to be very quickly. A good physical trainer could give you a plan to get healthy in 90 days. Step-by-step. Those plans (if you wanted those things) would be pretty powerful and useful. Experts know all the little step you need to get there—and they can lay them out for you. But when you try and create those complex plans on your own without the experience—it's a waste of time. The better approach is to make a goal. And then to identify the next biggest roadblock in your way to achieve that goal. You don't even need to identify all the steps to the goal. Having a loose idea of the steps to that goal isn't a bad thing—but that list might change after you get over the first hump. All your planning needs to consist of each day (or the night before) is what are the 1 or 2 things I need to do today (or tomorrow) to I solve that next biggest challenge in front me. Keep your head down in that mode and devote all your energy to the challenge, not building todo lists. Imagine the clarity and focus you could give that challenge if you TAKE BACK all that mental energy from building all those lists and plans to get where you want to be. Food for thought.
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I had to cut off long term planning, it's not ideal but focusing on 3 month spaces made me much more connected to the tasks than ever before. Overplanning is a way to run away from the challenges of hard work.
mujdhmhahahaha :)
I hope that grabbed your attention :) Not trying to spam this community btw. I just thought it would be a valuable resource for some people here. Please let me know what you struggle with. I'll reply ASAP!
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mujdhmhahahaha :)
1 like • 28d or CapCut to clean your audio. Background noise makes it 20x harder to watch
Seeking Advice on Creating an Function with Airtable and
Hi everyone, I'm new to both Airtable and, and I'm interested in creating a service similar to to automate the generation and distribution of short video content. This sounds very challenging to do on my own. Firstly, is this possible or smart to create autoshorts' functions with these tools? If so, any advice on how to start building it to get the ball rolling would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
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It is not intuitive for sure. 1. Trigger with airtable sending webhook (include your data for chatgpt) 2. Creating a script with chatgpt 3. Generate TTS 4. Parsing it 5. Generating image prompts for each stage 6. Create images 7. Assembly with Placid template (include subtitles, movements, transitions and effects in the TP) You could even generate some background music. Would not be cheap I think.
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