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Question about video equipment
Hello everyone. I have a question about video recording and my setup. I bought a Canon EOS M50 a few years ago. I connected it to my computer via USB. I basically use it like a webcam. In other words, I use the Canon Webcam Utility in conjunction with OBS Studio (Virtual Camera). My problem is that the quality is not particularly good, even though the camera can record in 4K. The problem is the data transfer via USB. The data transfer rate is simply too low. My question to you would be, regardless of my camera, which setup I can use to achieve good quality for recordings on the PC. It is very important that I can start my recordings without much effort. I don't want to need 20 minutes for setup before I can start. My use cases: 1) Video recordings for our coaching program (video courses) 2) Live Call Sessions (Zoom) 3) Video recordings for social media content I just want to have a crystal clear picture, everything else looks unprofessional. Should I use a good webcam in this case? Of course, I could also make the recordings directly via the camera (without a PC in between) and buy a display on which I can see myself. But then I wouldn't be able to show anything on my screen or would have to edit the various video sources together first. I would be grateful for any tips! Greetings Dominic
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How to get a lot of views?
Hi there. I am trying to make youtube videos. I tried before. I uploaded a lot of videos. But got 200 views max. So what need to do to get a lot of views?
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Hi guys. Made a video surrounding relationship break ups. Any feedback is valuable regarding content information, camera angles, lighting and my communication. Honesty is the best policy!! Thank you! 👊🏽
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Building Your Own Automated Content System
I dropped a new YouTube video this week that covers how you might go about building your own content system. This system is powerful but still easy to install. If you want the Airtable and automation templates you can get them in the new Content Machine Blueprint course.
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