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The #1 Skill For Building A Community
๐Ÿ‘‰ Letting other people help you ๐Ÿ‘ˆ (at least for me, this was the hard skill to develop) I'm kind of the build in private type, solo kind of guy, very independent. The act of building a community is quite foreign to me, I still feel that way now. But what I've learned here in the Content Academy (and also in my new community) is that the real skill for building community is letting people help you. You want people to enjoy the community, stick around, right? The only thing that will really do that is all the people. People will burn through all your course material in minutes. Then what? I mean, you can use the Skool leaderboard and give people access to courses as they engage and get points. But does that REALLY drive the right behavior? People start to game it, and just post to get likes to unlock courses. Something deeper has to be there. You just need that core of 3-5 people that are active to run even a 4000+ community. And another 5-10 that come and go from time to time. That should be your focus, the peopleโ€”more than trying to burn yourself out creating more and more course material to keep people fed. The truth is most people aren't using that info, instead, how can you actually change their behavior, get them to use the info, and benefit from? That's the key. People need to be progressing in some way to stay with you. And thanks everyone for making this such a great place!! ๐Ÿ™
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How To Prepare For A YouTube Video (Headphone Warning)
Waiting for Stephen to send me materials to edit. Sends me this instead
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How To Prepare For A YouTube Video (Headphone Warning)
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creating cool animation every day for 30 days made this After Effects vox-style animation
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Rate my channel ๐Ÿค”
Idk but I'm not getting much views rn...???
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Youtube Thumbnail Tips
I've recently started a youtube channel and I have been learning about Youtube from .... guess where? Youtube ๐Ÿ˜‚ So thought of sharing some of things that i've learnt 1. Quality > Quantity: Youtube is a very mature platform - meaning it's algorithm can pick up quality content and deliver it to the right audience. It knows to recognize quality content. And as the same time knows how to distribute it (knowing exactly who will like and find value from your content) Some creators have gone viral with their first video itself. Not by luck. but because of quality. This doesn't mean we should strive for perfection. Perfection as a state doesn't exist. Focus on both - Quantity ( get into the habit of making videos) Quality ( focus on the quality as well) 2. Famous creators start with the thumbnail and idea first. Will humans be curious about this topic, will they click? Here are some tips for Thumbnail design 1. Question Thumbnail: Save 1H per day? Reason why it works: people become curious : what is that you are doing to save 1hour, will it save me 1 hour? 2. Action thumbnails (NO TEXT, JUST ACTION): In your case it could be you and a make workflow step (like start/end step of a automation) : People will become curious what is this new automation. 3. X vs Y thumbnails: Before and After. People become curious what did you do to transform. Use large fonts, Numbers, Money, Emotions, Faces, Consistent design patterns. Use no more than 4 words
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