Would this carousel help you make better videos?
Hey all! I’m looking for feedback on a carousel I spent way too much time on 🫠
A common problem I’ve seen with videos my client shot - that I am now editing, is that they shoot in full auto mode instead of controlling the settings manually.
I wanted to create something I could send to them to help. (I’ve tried offering a free 30 minute zoom call to walk through it and help but they’re always too busy)
So long story short I wanted to make something I could post on social media and also share with them.
Is this helpful to you?
Does it make sense?
Anything else I can do to add value?
P.S May 30th 📣
I’m hosting a Zoom call to go over how I organize my projects and my workflow from first thought to publish. More details coming soon
Rob Ruscher
Would this carousel help you make better videos?
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