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Do You REALLY Need A Plan? Or Is That Plan A Waste Of Time? ⏳
Planning can be a powerful thing, sometimes. But it can also be a waste of time. Planning can also become overwhelming as well if you're stuck in planning mode.
Sometimes we lack the experience to build detailed plans to achieve large goals. So if we try, that can lead us to spin our wheels and go down useless rabbit holes and todo list building. Or scanning the internet for the perfect plan.
When is a plan a good thing? Well consider this, I could pretty easily give you a plan to get on video, or scale your content to 100+ pieces of content per week. It would be very detailed and would lead you right to where you need to be very quickly.
A good physical trainer could give you a plan to get healthy in 90 days. Step-by-step.
Those plans (if you wanted those things) would be pretty powerful and useful.
Experts know all the little step you need to get there—and they can lay them out for you.
But when you try and create those complex plans on your own without the experience—it's a waste of time.
The better approach is to make a goal. And then to identify the next biggest roadblock in your way to achieve that goal. You don't even need to identify all the steps to the goal. Having a loose idea of the steps to that goal isn't a bad thing—but that list might change after you get over the first hump.
All your planning needs to consist of each day (or the night before) is what are the 1 or 2 things I need to do today (or tomorrow) to I solve that next biggest challenge in front me. Keep your head down in that mode and devote all your energy to the challenge, not building todo lists.
Imagine the clarity and focus you could give that challenge if you TAKE BACK all that mental energy from building all those lists and plans to get where you want to be.
Food for thought.
Stephen G. Pope
Do You REALLY Need A Plan? Or Is That Plan A Waste Of Time? ⏳
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