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100% Automated Content System (with AI, & Airtable)
In this video I show you how to build a FULLY 100% AI automated content system to scale your content creation, product and distribution process. We'll build the system using Make, Airtable, ChatGPT, Placid and more. Get the Make & Airtable templates in the → No-Code Architects
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100% Automated Content System (with AI, & Airtable)
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Is it easy to add pinterest to this? Pinterest tend to be forgotten yet, you already have images!
More VS Right (re: Winning the Skool Games 🏆)
I wanted to thank everyone for their support in the Skool Games. I had a lot of supportive messages, DMs, cheers, comments and congratulations. And many of you joined the No-Code Architects—so you literally made it happen. Not me. Since yesterday when it ended, I've been thinking a lot. And I'll tell you what I've been feeling. Sure I'm excited, but I also fear loss, what if I can't keep it up? Why did some ask for a refund? Why have some already cancelled? How can I make people more happy? How do I keep growing, more, more, more! What if this all falls apart? It's a hole you can't fill. But I've gained just enough experience over the past 5 years (after selling my previous company), to keep a level head about this. Over this time I've had some extreme highs and lows, huge successes and multiple total breakdowns. It took longer than I wanted, but I've learned all the ups and downs were just a result of losing focus, getting ahead of myself, getting a quick win and wanting MORE. Not being OK with where I was, not forging through during a loss. Was 4th place in the June Skool Games a success? absolutely, but it's a just a second in time. If you zoom out it's just a tiny seed that will take time to grow into a something great. Nothing grand has changed in this past month. You have to be patient. It's not about more, more, more, now, now, now. More subscribers, more sales, more success... but instead, it's about the RIGHT mission and vision, serving the RIGHT people and taking the RIGHT actions. Slowly, overtime, one step in front of the other. Yes I'm working hard to improve as quickly as I can. Yes I'm working hard to make the best experience I can for my clients, this community and the No-Code Architects. But it all takes time, the good things take time. That's why digging into a mission and vision is so important—because its bigger than you, it gives you time. It gives you success over any failure given enough time. You can always fall back on the vision when things are going the wrong way.
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Please keep sharing your thoughts, struggles, and insights in life! It's empowering me and many others in our own journeys. Also, congrats!
Easily Swap AI Prompts & Models With This Make Automation
In this video I show you how to develop an Airtable system and Make automation to easily hotswap AI prompts and models in your automations WITHOUT having to adjust the automation itself. This is huge once you have a lot of automations and want to update them all at once. You can also set up a backup AI platform in case another platform goes down -- so that your automations keep running without issue. Like if ChatGPT does down, you can use Claude or Perplexity instead AUTOMATICALLY.
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Easily Swap AI Prompts & Models With This Make Automation
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@Stephen G. Pope I just learned about doing something similar of switching AIs and not having to go into to update. It's this tool, Is this something useful to incorporate in our automations or is it redundant?
😰 I ALMOST quit — My BEST Performing YouTube Video
Prepping for Sunday's Automated FACELESS video took 2 FULL days, all day Thursday and Friday! And 8+ hours of recording all day Saturday and I almost quit multiple times. It was extremely difficult to get through, and I made a last minute change Friday night that would spell disaster for the recording session. I made a technical choice that came back to haunt me! When Saturday came, I got prepped, I got one of my 3 YouTube shirts lol and started to get all the browser windows set up for the big recording. I felt ready, I knew it was going to be a lot of recording, but I was ready. - Then it came.... my neighbor decided today was the day to bring in the gardeners for a huge clean up... The hedge clippers turn on right outside my window lol That killed 2 hours and really put me on edge. I was already way behind. - Then finally I got going, my gut felt horrible. I had such a long and technical video ahead of me. I have to be so careful doing these videos. - But I got going, got through the first couple videos sections (I record in short batches then pass them to my video editor). - Then I realized I made a serious error. The way I had built the automation (with a last minute change the previous night) left the automation with a serious bug. There was potential it wouldn't work at all. I spent 1.5 hours recording that session and it was a complete waste. It's like 2 PM now. - The night before I had decided to give people the option of using still images, or animated videos (built from those still images) for their Faceless video generator. But I realized the way I was building it wouldn't work, or might throw people off. - I thought about scrapping the feature all together and moving forward with only the animated videos, but I remembered 1) I already mentioned it in the intro, and two, it wouldn't be as good. And several people actually asked me if I could do it with static and animated videos so they could choose.
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😰 I ALMOST quit — My BEST Performing YouTube Video
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Amazing work. You learned a lot about yourself during the entire process and increased your resolve for future videos and other projects. I think this is the most important prize. Next time you are in a similar situation, your entire being will bob and weave like a boxer, it will feel more second nature, strike with precision and tenacity, and keep fighting until you come out feeling like a champ once again.
Seeking Advice on Creating an Function with Airtable and
Hi everyone, I'm new to both Airtable and, and I'm interested in creating a service similar to to automate the generation and distribution of short video content. This sounds very challenging to do on my own. Firstly, is this possible or smart to create autoshorts' functions with these tools? If so, any advice on how to start building it to get the ball rolling would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
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@Shay Trequesser wow definitely sound too difficult for me at this point.
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