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DR Campaign BOMBED! Was it my offer? Toll free number?
Sent my first DR campaign yesterday (from a toll free number) for a Chiro that has a special class 4 laster. This laser is great at promoting healing, reducing inflammation and pain. Here is the offer we sent out: {{contact.first_name}}, it's Dr. Christe at {{}}. Today we are giving out a few free laser therapy sessions! If you have pain, inflammation or need to speed up healing, it can really help. Would you like one? Just reply YES or NO. If you need to opt out, reply byebye Thanks! Results 3 "No" 4 "Byebye" out of 45 sends. I have about 390 contacts left. Also, keep in mind this database is 20 years old but I ran the entire list to use only reachable mobile numbers. Any ideas on next steps?
New comment Oct '23
0 likes • Oct '23
@George Mac Thanks a ton! Love this community!
1 like • Oct '23
@Luis Del Rosario Thanks Luis, I'll split test with @George Mac 's and let you know how it does. Awesome!
Toll Free Number and DND from Twilio
I am setting up my first DR campaign and was supposed to show it to my client tomorrow. I bought a toll free number 5 days ago to use but it still has not been approved. When testing the DR 1 Walk In today, I would get the first message but when i would reply to it I would never get the Dr 2 Walk In Lead Nurture reply. I finally found in the logs that Twilio DND's my phone number I was sending the test to. I sent the test multiple times, the first message would always arrive (even after the DND from Twilio) but the 2nd DR2 message would not arrive after I replied "YES" Should I just wait for the toll free number to be approved? Any idea on wait times?
New comment Oct '23
2 likes • Sep '23
I changed nothing but now its working, awesome conversation all by myself :)
2 likes • Sep '23
@George Mac It started to do the same thing where I would reply and it would not instantly message back. It finally did work about 45 minutes later. During that time I sent a support request to GHL via a Loom video. After a short chat session they sent the issue to their "Automation Expert" who looked at it and said it is working, but just with a delay...... I dont think that's good given I was in my clients office trying to demo the automation and it was not working instantly..... Anyway, I bought that toll free number 5 days ago and its working even though in GHL it is still tagged as "Verification in Progress"
Chiropractor w/ 1200+ DB What to offer?
Hey Awesome Community, through my warm lead outreach my Chiropractor has accepted an offer for me to run her DB of 1200+ contacts. Any ideas on what to offer her database to get old clients back in the door?
New comment Oct '23
1 like • Sep '23
@Paula McLean Thanks! Looking at Groupon, free massage, spinal decompression, adjustments, but not a lot of action. She does have a laser therapy machine and I think thats going to be the path.
Non-Compliants Texts - Cleaning Up Lists
After running 2 days of the DR campaign (110 messages per day), I am getting GHL tickets saying that my account is non-compliant. The reason is too many non-delivery or opt-out. I don't know the numbers because the campaign stats shows all good, but there are some that were not delivered, for example, landline numbers. The list is for a dental office and has mixed numbers. I did do what @Haplin Milgrom-Hills showed in his video about favoring cell phones, but there is no way for me to know if they have one number. Is there a way to scrub the list? How do I overcome the risk of number deactivation?
New comment Aug '23
4 likes • Aug '23
You can change your verbiage on the SMS to say "To Opt out Reply Bye Bye" and then setup an automation to DND them when that phrase is used.. This way they are off the list but Twilio/Carriers are not alerted to the opt out and you dont get a panalty
💸 Y’all want a GHL AI sneak peek? 💸
High Level folks reached out to me to show me the new AI goods they’ve developed in house… / This will be a native feature they will offer on every account (plenty of 3rd party integrations out there already). I have it on good authority there’s 1 key feature y’all will really love ya can’t find anywhere else. Once it’s ready to go you can start selling it immediately of course. I can’t show it to ya live, but they said it’s cool for me to spill the beans for you after I get an early demo. Would that be a useful share so you could get a head start on it before everyone else? 👇👇👇 photo is our last meal in San Diego before we fly home tomorrow 🌮🌮🌮 i ate my weight in tacos past 3 weeks!
New comment Sep '23
💸 Y’all want a GHL AI sneak peek? 💸
7 likes • Aug '23
3 likes • Aug '23
When will auto reply be available, all I see if suggestive mode.
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