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Non-Compliants Texts - Cleaning Up Lists
After running 2 days of the DR campaign (110 messages per day), I am getting GHL tickets saying that my account is non-compliant. The reason is too many non-delivery or opt-out. I don't know the numbers because the campaign stats shows all good, but there are some that were not delivered, for example, landline numbers. The list is for a dental office and has mixed numbers. I did do what @Haplin Milgrom-Hills showed in his video about favoring cell phones, but there is no way for me to know if they have one number. Is there a way to scrub the list? How do I overcome the risk of number deactivation?
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@Deb Shipman I thought it may be the case - here's the deal: this dentist got the dental practice from his dad, that practiced there for 40+ years. The list are all his patients that didn't come in over 2 years. All staff were replaced so there is no one to ask for details. We have there peeps from 2 years ago and others from 15 years ago... it is what it is... In a normal situation, I'd ask for the 2-3 years ones first, right? (for dentist, if they came in the last year, they are not considered inactive)
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@Shelby DuBois technically, you may be right, but when someone misses a cleaning appointment, no one is quick to mark them as inactive. most offices will categorize it around the 18 months mark
A2C Campaign Registration Failed
After about 3 weeks of waiting, the campaign registration failed. Can I find out the reason why? I mentioned I get the leads from FB, with their system of privacy policies and we have text that says we will contact them about the offer/ set appointment
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@Ron Gibson I am in Florida. THat said, it had nothing to do with anything - I wrote that after not hearing back on the verification and it was not about getting clients
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@Lina Allibhai they want to see in the page that you say you will contact them. "but submitting this form you approve us to contact you about this offer" or somehing like that. And privacy policy link, of course
Orthodontist DR Campaign - What to promote?
Hey Awesome Community! I have a friend that is an Orthodontist and has been for many years. He actually just bought out another practice and has a very large list. Anyway, I need testimonials/case studies to establish my credibility. Any ideas on what can we promote to his list?
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@Lisa Weber That's a great list - which one did you run in the past and which did you have most success with?
DR Results
Hey Just finished my first DR which I did for a yoga studio with a list of 2.5k people and here are the results: Opportunities: 239 Appt set: 65 Total Lifetime Value: $53,900 System went very smooth and I couldn't ask for more! Almost 10% positive reply rate is crazy! Note to myself and maybe others on how I could've improved the results - CALL UP THE LEADS DON'T BE LAZY! The 65 appts I got are PURELY from automated workflows and just me setting the appointment in the calendar! Use the system, it works.
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This is awesome! Great value. How long did it take to get those?
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@Neil Shah Can you please send me as well?
🌶️ SYSTEMpreneur™ Program Doors Open!🌶️ (only 10 avail)
As most of you know, i officially “retired” from selling purely courses as our biz model over here. I think it’s been 11+ months or so. Instead, we switched to helping as many of you find success getting started on High Level as possible. So we’ve given a lot more away for free in our community. Most of you have seen that happen. But, we also get asked for 1-1 help from a small percentage of you who are serious about getting help shortening the curve. For the past few months, our team has been working with a handful of SYSTEMpreneurs™ in an implementation style environment, which means quite a bit of small group and 1-1 help. Now, we’re opening spots again. This time, we're ADDING the following to everything we provide to all SYSTEMpreneur™ members (as long as you're a paying member, you'll get all this too): ✅ FREE White Label use of Video Text Back™ ✅ Full Licensing Rights to 100% of our Systems ✅ Power Offer Training ✅ High-Converting Group Funnel + Free Mini Course Give Away ✅ 7 Fig Prospecting, Sales & Appointment Setting System ✅ Sales Call Reviews ✅ $100-$500/mo Power Offer Ads ✅ More Coaching Support To keep quality of your experience high, we're capping this round to ten. Which means should you decide this is right for you, we will get to know each other very well. :) Make no mistake about it, this will still require you to show up and work hard. BUT, if that doesn't bother you, our program will get you absolutely stellar results. More on that later. What I've noticed over the past 7 years coaching agencies, is the ones who have turned their offer from a "service" or "software" into an outcome -based "system"... have pulled away from the pack. Most of them CLEAR a million or more after all expenses. Life changing stuff. 🔥They make more money 🔥They have better margins 🔥They have more free time 🔥They aren't stuck being the only person who can sell or fulfill well anymore 🔥They experience less stress 🔥They have time to think, learn, and grow 🔥They take better vacations (my fave)
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🌶️ SYSTEMpreneur™ Program Doors Open!🌶️ (only 10 avail)
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