💸 Y’all want a GHL AI sneak peek? 💸
High Level folks reached out to me to show me the new AI goods they’ve developed in house…
/ This will be a native feature they will offer on every account (plenty of 3rd party integrations out there already).
I have it on good authority there’s 1 key feature y’all will really love ya can’t find anywhere else.
Once it’s ready to go you can start selling it immediately of course.
I can’t show it to ya live, but they said it’s cool for me to spill the beans for you after I get an early demo.
Would that be a useful share so you could get a head start on it before everyone else?
photo is our last meal in San Diego before we fly home tomorrow 🌮🌮🌮 i ate my weight in tacos past 3 weeks!
Robb Bailey
💸 Y’all want a GHL AI sneak peek? 💸
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