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A2P Compliance Question
Hey all, I have a client who I’m setting up a phone number for. But their business name doesn’t match their domain name. I know best practice is for legal business name, domain name, email address, and campaign messaging to all match up. But what to do if they don’t? Any ideas?
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Massive Problem With LeadConnector
I'm currently running a database reactivation for a gym client. It's been running smoothly for 3 weeks, but all of a sudden, just overnight, my phone number seems to have disappeared and I cannot access leadconnector It keeps popping up with this error message about "authentication" which according to Highlevel support means I've been suspended? Although I've had no email whatsoever about this, so I cannot see how this has happened Anybody experiencing anything similar?
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A2P Declined
I need help with getting my A2P approved. Do I need a landing page(s)? Can anyone provide some guidance?
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Phone Number Verification - UK Based
Does anybody use any websites/software that can check if numbers are legit before we start sending messages? I’m based in the UK so a lot of the US based websites don’t work. Free or paid options are fine 🙂
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Quick question about calls being labeled as "Spam Likely"
Hi everybody, quick question. I am doing outbound calling to schedule appointments for one of my clients, but the calls are being labeled as "Spam Likely". I am using a phone number directly purchased from HighLevel through lead connector, and I do not have "Verified Caller ID" or "Shaken/Stir". Any ideas on how to fix this?
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