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Facebook Ads target audience
I have a running ad campaign that targets homeowners for a free roof inspection. I decided to target based on incomes and narrow down based on interest like home repair, homeowners association, home improvement, etc. But the campaign doesn’t seem to perform well. How would you have gone about it?
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Landing Page FeedBack
Hi Everyone, may I have your honest feedback about my landing page, the goal is to get visitors to request a free quote: Any tip for improvement to make it high-converting would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Database Reactivation Campaign
How can I get to Level 3? I went thru the first levels. I really need DRC training.
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Who uses zappychat, or chatgpt
Anyone here use zappychat or chatgpt to do Ai setting in GHL?
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GoHighLevel Chatbots
Is there any chance anyone knows if you can create an ai chatbot to go on your GHL website with the $297 plan. From what I can see online it can only be done with the $497 plan but if anyone knows a way to do it with automations that maybe webhook to Zapier and to ChatGPT to accomplish it then that would be great. Cheers,
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