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Howdy Rockstar! I'm thrilled to see ya! If you're a course creator, coach, digital marketer or expert... With courses, books, digital programs or just valuable EXPERIENCE... I've discovered the best investment in the world is CONTENT I control and produce. Our goal here is to... 🥇Turn your courses, content and coaching experience into an investment portfolio that sends you royalty checks for life. We have a toolbox of tools to take your content and turn it into cash flow. One of our handiest tools is licensing. It's like the electric guitar in our rock band. New to licensing for royalties? No sweat. I'll walk you thru... You can turn your "old hit" courses, content, programs and any intellectual property into recurring royalties and more fans too! I'm rolling up my sleeves to share... ...the next level of financial leverage for coaches, course creators, consultants and true experts who want to UNCLOG their calendars, STOP trading their time for money and would love to: - Stack long-term and DEPENDABLE Recurring royalties - Generate Buyers Leads FREE! - Automate Sales and NEW customers around the world. - Reach Brand New Markets (without ads or more content creation) All by repurposing your content... ... and making it EASY for other businesses to license your hit content and IP you've already created and own! If there's a faster and easier way to bolt on 8 figures in royalties, I don't know what it is! Because... If we set it up correctly and choose the right licensees, our licensees do all (or most) of the selling for us. We get brand-new leads, customers and royalties like clockwork without the wheels coming off our business and lives. We often close 5- and 6-figure licensing deals in DMs in less than 15 minutes. I'd love to hear from you. Please introduce yourself! When you do, you unlock your first courses in the classroom... ===>Turn OLD COURSES into NEW MONEY
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Welcome Royalty Rockstar! Start Here!
BONUS TIME: for Make Em Beg to Buy readers
===>Here's the BIG BONUS for my book readers Rooting For Ya, Travis PS I'm sorry I couldn't stay long. I'm tryna wrap things up so I can chill in the pool with Jeannie tomorrow!
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BONUS TIME: for Make Em Beg to Buy readers
👀Close the sale in 1/4 the time and have them thank you!
One way to shorten your sales calls and cycles + have people thank you at the same time! Don’t try to sell them on a new concept… That takes a long ass time… 👉Sell them something they are already PRE-SOLD on… Unless you sell to Monks… You can bet your people are already pre-sold on being respected, admired and loved by other people…even to strangers. Show them how they can get that with you and watch “I’m ins” come in so fast your head spins. They will thank you and tell their friends too😊 Rooting For Ya, Travis PS For more ways to get people to beg to buy from you - get my book - give copies to all your sales peeps and employees... Just search "Travis Sago" on Amazon or gently press HERE
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Want More Booked Sales Calls? (This Has Worked For 5+ Years For Me)
Travis has been so amazing helping out in this group that I wanted to offer something that might help some of you guys out. For over 5 years now I’ve used a super simple LinkedIn automated lead gen strategy to provide consistent booked calls for my Agency & Coaching business. Regardless of what the market has done, it’s always been consistent in bringing me in some cashola every month. 💰 It’s also really useful for finding what I’ve been calling “Heavy Lifters” aka people with lists, products to license, assets to use. 😎 Anyone want my trainings for it? I have them laid out on a simple Google doc for whoever wants them. You can have your first campaign setup within an hour. It takes little to zero tech knowledge (I’m elementary level when it comes to tech & funnels) Just looking to help out! Let me know in the comments. 👇 To your success! -Scott
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Using ChatGPT to Generate 1000s of Leads in Any Niche (Free + Easy Method)
This is pretty slick... Now to figure out how to use it for our stuff!
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Using ChatGPT to Generate 1000s of Leads in Any Niche (Free + Easy Method)
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