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🔥 Introduce Yourself! 🔥 [Start Here... ]
Aloha! Welcome to GoHighLevel w/ Robb Bailey... This community helps GHL users + agency owners get the tools and resources needed to generate sales and make a positive impact on the world. Step 1: Introduce yourself below! (✄ copy/paste template 👇) - Where are you from? - What are you working on? - What immediate help do you need? Step 2: Discover How to Unlock all the FREE BONUSES in the Classroom and get your TRAININGS! Step 3: Unlock Agency Masters Elite by signing up for (or upgrading) GHL here! ------------- You’re here to claim your bonuses. But why are we here, giving away bonuses? Our mission is to add you to our collection of success stories. You can see a couple hundred of them here. Here’s the good news: They all started out just like you, reading a welcome post from us, just like this. Here’s the bad news: You’re not getting the same step-by-step system they all got. Here’s the other good news: You’re getting today’s step-by-step system - which is the best version yet. Why? Because we are always learning and improving the entire system. Which means you’re starting with the best we have and, as it improves, you will automatically get those improvements. Cool? Cool. -------------------------- Best practices in this community: • Level up by posting result shares, insights and thoughtful comments. • Help others level up by liking 👍 good result shares, posts and comments. • Be kind - no self promotion here. • If you need help, just ask the community 💪 Aloha y’all, 🌴 Robb
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Robb Bailey
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    @Armon Faz all the guidance ya need is in Elite, which you get free for using our link. welcome man!
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    @Hoolulu Brito aloha & welcome!
🎉 Just Revealed: 50% Off Formwise - Your Ai White Label toolkit 🚀
Exciting news! I just went live with the details of the latest Robb Palooza offer, and it's a game-changer for your agency. ​ 🌟 Today's Exclusive Deal: ​ Up to 50% Off Formwise - Your AI White Label toolkit! ​ 🔗 Learn More: ​ Shared all the ins and outs of how Formwise, used by 4,000+ HighLevel agencies, can turn your favorite ChatGPT prompts & convos into tools you can monetize in minutes. Check out the details [here](link to the document about Formwise integration with GHL). ​ 🎯 Why Formwise? ​ Boost your AI conversion rates. Monetize your ChatGPT prompts effortlessly. Trusted by thousands of HighLevel agencies. ​ 🚀 Act Fast: ​ This offer is live for a limited time, so don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your agency's capabilities and boost your conversions with Formwise. ​ 👉 Catch the Replay: ​ If you missed the live announcement, catch the replay by heading over to my Palooza post right now. ​ Feel the excitement? This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more incredible offers during Robb Palooza. ​ Mahalo, 🤙 ​ Robb ​ P.S. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises during Robb Palooza!
🌟 Unlock the Power of AI with heyLevi! Join Me & Beant Singh LIVE on 11/30 🚀
Get ready for an exclusive session with me and Beant Singh on Thursday, 11/30! We'll be diving deep into the game-changing AI sales enablement tool for Go HighLevel - heyLevi! 🚀 What's heyLevi all about? Imagine having a powerful AI tool that not only keeps you competitive but also delivers everything your clients crave, all in a fraction of the time. The best part? It requires zero prompting! 🔍 Discover heyLevi's Generative AI modules: - Stay competitive effortlessly - Give clients more in less time - Zero nights and weekends spent learning prompts - No need to buy libraries of pre-made prompts - 💡 How does it work? Simply integrate heyLevi into your HighLevel platform and watch it handle all the heavy lifting for you. 📅 Save the Date: Introducing heyLevi 🗓️ Date: Thursday, 11/30 🕔 Time: 1:00 pm PST 🔗 Registration: Unlock heyLevi Now! Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your approach with heyLevi. Register now and mark your calendar! Exciting times ahead! 🌈 Mahalo, 🤙 Robb P.S. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises during Robb Palooza! 🎉
Michele Ellis
Celia Steincamp
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💥 Robb Palooza Black Friday is here! 💥
ROBB PALOOZA (Black Friday) is HERE!!! ``````````````````````````` Day 1: - HighLevel’s 50% Black Friday Deal + AGENCY MASTERS ELITE (FREE)! ``````````````````````````` Day 2: - Get 50% off AGENCY MASTERS ELITE Licensing Deal! (you sell keep 100% profit!) ``````````````````````````` Day 3: - Get $500 off Zappy Chat Unlimited! (plus free Open AI usage!) ``````````````````````````` Day 4: - Get Extendly's Ultimate Agency Bundle Discount! (+50 Client Onboardings) ``````````````````````````` Day 5: - Get 1 month of GHL Mastery's tech support calls + troubleshooting help for $7! ``````````````````````````` Day 6: ________ ? (tomorrow) ``````````````````````````` Each day i’ll announce 1 new deal thru EOY, starting with GHL’s biggest discount of the year - and our bonuses are INSANE! Subscribe to notifications by commenting "Palooza" or commenting on my FB post here:
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Robb Bailey
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    @Nilesh Patel you have to email us at man - thanks!
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    @Nilesh Patel happy to have ya here!
🌟HighLevel just unleashed their Cyber Monday Deals, and you're in for a ride with massive savings! 🚀
HERE’S THE LOWDOWN ON WHAT YOU GET FROM HIGHLEVEL: 🌐 New Customers - 50% OFF First 3 Months!! 🔄 Existing Customers - Varies by Plan, but Upgrade And Get 3 Months FREE On Annual Plans (Check your options after logging in!) But hold on, there's more! 🎁 Upgrade through my link, and you'll score FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to Agency Masters Elite! Imagine having the keys to unlock: 📸 Every snapshot we’ve made (y'all love these)… 🔄 Every Database Reactivation campaign… 🎯 Every Client Acquisition Ad & Funnel… 📞 Every Prospecting Script… 💻 Every Inbound SAAS Hook training… 📱 Every Sales Script, Pitch Deck, and sales call recording… 🏎️ The Speed to Lead systems & templates from my 535-location agency I sold in 2019. Ready to dive in? Upgrade using the links below and snag Agency Masters Elite for FREE today: 🌐 New Customers - 50% OFF First 3 Months!! 🔄 Existing Customers - Upgrade And Get 3 Months FREE On Annual Plans Got questions or need assistance? Comment below and our team will have your back. 🤝 Mahalo, 🤙 Robb P.S. Robb Palooza is rocking out! Don’t miss all its massive savings here: 🎉
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Robb Bailey
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    @Justin Khuu if you’re maxed out on the pro plan you can join AME for $118/mo here
@Robb Bailey How would you illustrate DBR in a PDF/PPT? A prospect requests more info before jumping on a first call.
Patrick Allmond
Nelson Samoei
Robb Bailey
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    @Nelson Samoei we never used a visual to sell reactivation - find out what the real objection is man. a pdf isn’t gonna get them to say yes.
I'm So Lost Here
I am new to GHL and want to learn how to use this software like a pro. What is the best route to take to get to where I want to be. I even upgraded to the $497 with promises of unlocking all of these perks and training with zero results so far. Any advice?
Hoolulu Brito
Carl Sarfi
Mark Parker
Robb Bailey
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* * * WATCH VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF POST 📺* * * But in case you want to know the why, read this: WHY LEARN ROBB’S TRADEMARKED DATABASE REACTIVATION + LEAD NURTURING SYSTEMS? First, it helps to get to know him. Robb Bailey is the founder and CEO of multiple 7 figure agencies & consulting programs. His first notable agency, FitClub Accelerator, served 535 clients in just 21 months with over $2.1 million cash collected 📈. After successfully exiting that agency, Robb partnered with the founders of High Level (All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform Built For Agencies) to help them launch out of Beta 🚀, and has continued to grow the HighLevel brand since. Over the past 6 years Robb has personally trained over 20,000 agencies on the new era Agency/SaaS Hybrid model that is finally helping agency owners escape the old time-for-money rat race. If you are looking to add more predictable Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), increase the exit value of your agency, and have way more fun & freedom along the way, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Let’s look at success resources available to you in this AMAZING community Robb built . . . . Classrooms: This has our extensive and incredibly valuable training, systems, and implementation courses. 📖 Success Stories: Proof that folks just like you are getting massive revenue growth, wins and scale in this community. 📖 War Chest Resources: Proven 3rd party tools/services, and GHL add-ons we've vetted and know get results. 📖 Lvl 1: High Ticket Retainers: An overview of how to go from $0 - $10K, 2x or 5x your client LTV. 📖 Lvl 2: Inbound Lead Nurturing: The step-by-step technical implementation to set GHL up and use it to make sure every new lead (both paid and organic) gets reasonable and prompt follow-up starting now and only stopping when they buy, or they opt out, or the world ends. 📖 Lvl 3: Database Reactivation(tm): Step-by-step training and over your shoulder look at exactly how to launch your first Database Reactivation campaign within 90min!
Stephen Boutelle
Andrew Folk
Rueben Chigaru
Ron Gibson
Hoolulu Brito
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    @John Chatman if you email our support team when ya upgrade we can ask HL support to fast track your upgrade
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    @John Chatman so typically within an hour or two depending
1-2-3 SAAS Play videos
Hey guys, I've been going through all of the content and was wondering if they other days of the 1-2-3 SAAS Play: Burrito Date recordings are available somewhere. This is the video I'm talking about:
Carl Sarfi
Michael Vanhoutte
Robb Bailey
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    @Michael Vanhoutte yes the rest of those are available in Elite. 😎
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    @Michael Vanhoutte smart man!
Best Snapshot For Health care
Hey family, hope you're all flourishing after Thanksgiving! Just enquiring from you all about which snapshot you believe is the BEST for calendar bookings, sms automation text back, google reviews ect! Appreciate you all, thanks so much. P.s WHERE do we find these snap shots!? 😆
Patrick Allmond
Carl Sarfi
Robb Bailey
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    email us if ya need further help. :)
HVAC DR Results
DR Offer: {{contact.first_name}}, it's Crystal at Cozy D Heating & Air. Today we are giving out a few 20% off vouchers towards annual Spring Check-ups. This offer is good until April 30th. Would you like one? If so, reply YES.If you need to opt out, reply STOP. Campaign ran from March 16th thru March 28th from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm sending out 10 SMS offers every 3 minutes. Overall list size: 2911 # of appts set: 189 % of appts set: 6.49% Avg sale value: $110.40 Results: 189 new purchases X $110.40 = $20,865.60
Rico Brown
Matt Rabbitts
Terry Petrovick
Susan Bell
Mahmoudou Sidibe
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SMS reliability with GHL
Hi @Robb Bailey. We run the typical sales call funnel (traffic > VSL > application > schedule call > sales call) and currently have a big tech stack inc. for sales reps. Would love to simplify the tech. My biggest concern has been the reliability of GHL for SMS/emails. Need something solid as our business depends on zoom calls and reps are communicating with prospects via sms to confirm calls, make re-offers, etc. Any advice?
Robb Bailey
Patrick Allmond
New comment 5d ago
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    yeah. just use GHL - it will save ya money and is more reliable than any other stack we’ve used. we use it every day. 😎
[Special Session Invite] Google’s Changing the Rules To The Email Game
Google is changing the Rules to this Email GAME we play starting February 1, 2024 ​ Are You Ready? ​ SYSTEMpreneur member + email deliverability EXPERT Krystin Ruschman is holding a Special Session on Saturday, Nov 11th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET where she will break it all down and provide actionable steps, so you walk away knowing not just what’s changing, but how to best prepare. Register here: ​ Who is this for? * Business owners - sending commercial emails on behalf of your own business * Agency owners - providing email marketing services for your clients * SaaS / Email Service Providers - providing software accounts for business owners who send business related emails for themselves and/or their clients ​ Is this you? Then grab your spot for this session before it fills up... During this session she'll cover: * What’s coming * How it will affect you and/or your clients * The exact steps you need to take to prepare * Why you should do these things immediately * BONUS: How to seize this OPPORTUNITY (hey - she's a marketer, right?) ​ Fun Fact: According to “Daddy Google”, those of us who meet these sender requirements BEFORE the deadline “may see improved email delivery”. ​ This will be a Zoom Webinar with limited space, so make sure to Register Today and plan to join a few minutes early so you get in before it maxes out! ​ Enjoy learning from the email Sherpa Krystin Ruschman ​ Mahalo, ​ Robb
Chris Leavitt
Robb Bailey
Michael Vanhoutte
Patrick Allmond
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    @Chris Leavitt yessir i do - just boarded a plane, we’d love to have ya back my man! i’ll send ya DM when i land.
🌟 HighLevel 50% Black Friday + AGENCY MASTERS ELITE for FREE 🚀
HighLevel Black Friday Deals Are HERE and you don’t want to miss this chance for massive savings. HERE’S A QUICK RUNDOWN OF WHAT YOU GET FROM HIGHLEVEL... 🌀 New Customers - 50% OFF First 3 Months!! -> 🌀 Existing Customers - Varies by Plan, but Upgrade And Get 3 Months FREE On Annual Plans (You’re going to see the options once you log in to your account:) -> On top of HighLevel’s massive savings I’m offering anyone who upgrades through my link FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to Agency Masters Elite! Last year, Shaun Clark (the CEO of High Level) asked me: “Robb you’re an amazing coach, you have trained over 30k folks in our community…. Can’t you make all your stuff available so ANYONE can license all your IP, systems and training… for the GHL community at large?” So I decided to make the Agency Masters Elite™ program available to you. That means you can now make money with: ✔️ Every snapshot we’ve made (y'all love these)… ✔️ Every Database Reactivation campaign… ✔️ Every Client Acquisition Ad & Funnel… ✔️ Every Prospecting Script… ✔️ Every Inbound SAAS Hook training ✔️ Every Sales Script, Pitch Deck and sales call recording… ✔️ The Speed to Lead systems & templates from my 535 location agency that i ended up selling in 2019. AND NOW IT CAN BE YOURS TO SELL & KEEP 100% of the PROFITS 💵. Just upgrading using one of the links below and we’ll have you set up with Agency Masters Elite for FREE today! 🌀 New Customers - 50% OFF First 3 Months!! -> 🌀 Existing Customers - Varies by Plan, but Upgrade And Get 3 Months FREE On Annual Plans (You’re going to see the options once you log in to your account:) -> If you get stuck kor have questions about getting your upgrade so you can get our bonuses, shoot us a message at and our team will help take care of you.
Miguel Almonte
Kazeem Sarumi
Tyrone Tolson
Robb Bailey
Madhav Mangal
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    @Venkat Maddala should be today if HighLevel confirms
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    @Tyrone Tolson just email our team at and my team will get ya all set up. 😎
Bye bye Babalola
Not sure why one would want to get 10% off an unproven mortgage and "medspc" snap when one already has our entire proven-thousands-of-times-over 61 niche snapshot library... 🤔🤔🤔
Robb Bailey
Jay Templeton
Katja Heikkinen
Adeyemo Sulaimon
Venkat Maddala
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    @James Pemberton report them to us and we'll boot em
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    @Venkat Maddala report em so we can kick em out!
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