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LEARN the ONE Strategy that Earned Half a Million Dollars in Sales in Just 2 Months! 👨🏻‍💻
You know what the easiest way to boost your income is? Go back to your existing customers!!! They already trust you, so why not get more business from them? But how do you do that? What exactly should you sell? And how do you even make the ask? For the first time EVER, my friend Beant Singh over at Extendly is breaking down the EXACT process they used to get half a million in NEW sales in just 2 months. Sounds wild, right? But trust me, it’s totally doable with just this one strategy… This ONE Strategy Earned Extendly Half a Million Dollars in Sales in Just 2 Months! Yep, they’ve used this strategy multiple times, and now Beant is super excited to share it with you so you can implement it for yourself. Join the FREE 2-day webinar where he’ll walk you through every step of the process. 👉 Sign Me Up For The Training 👈 It’s happening Monday, June 24th to June 25th @ 5:00pm EST. But heads up, there are only 500 seats available, so secure your spot NOW! Still need a reason to join? When you attend LIVE, you’ll get a FREE copy of their 'Customer Onboarding and Retention Playbook'. It’s packed with the processes they’ve developed over the years to create sticky customers. Trust me there’s no one that knows more about support Sign up and get ready to turn your customers into a goldmine of continuous sales Catch you there! - Robb P.S. Remember, it’s not just about getting new customers; it’s about keeping them happy and loyal. Let’s make it happen together!
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LEARN the ONE Strategy that Earned Half a Million Dollars in Sales in Just 2 Months! 👨🏻‍💻
[Exclusive Offer] Free Done-With-You Offer for Your Business Automations! ⚡
GUESS WHAT? The HighLevel team reached out to me, and they have an exclusive, limited-time offer for the first 1000 people who register for their upcoming event! On June 27th at 11 AM CST, the HighLevel team is helping 1000 people implement the best-proven automation tools LIVE. That’s right. If you attend this slot, the goal of the HighLevel team is to get all of your automations up and running in about 48 minutes. This is a no-brainer offer! The Zoom room that’s holding this webinar literally has a max capacity of 1000 people, so make sure you register using my link below to claim your spot! PLUS, when you attend live, the team will grant you an attendee-only offer at the end of the webinar. You don’t want to miss out on this; I don’t know when they’ll host another one of these! ╰┈➤ Sign Up for HighLevel Bootcamp! Mahalo, Robb
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[Exclusive Offer] Free Done-With-You Offer for Your Business Automations! ⚡
* * * WATCH VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF POST 📺* * * But in case you want to know the why, read this: WHY LEARN ROBB’S TRADEMARKED DATABASE REACTIVATION + LEAD NURTURING SYSTEMS? First, it helps to get to know him. Robb Bailey is the founder and CEO of multiple 7 figure agencies & consulting programs. His first notable agency, FitClub Accelerator, served 535 clients in just 21 months with over $2.1 million cash collected 📈. After successfully exiting that agency, Robb partnered with the founders of High Level (All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform Built For Agencies) to help them launch out of Beta 🚀, and has continued to grow the HighLevel brand since. Over the past 6 years Robb has personally trained over 20,000 agencies on the new era Agency/SaaS Hybrid model that is finally helping agency owners escape the old time-for-money rat race. If you are looking to add more predictable Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), increase the exit value of your agency, and have way more fun & freedom along the way, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Let’s look at success resources available to you in this AMAZING community Robb built . . . . Classrooms: This has our extensive and incredibly valuable training, systems, and implementation courses. 📖 Success Stories: Proof that folks just like you are getting massive revenue growth, wins and scale in this community. 📖 War Chest Resources: Proven 3rd party tools/services, and GHL add-ons we've vetted and know get results. 📖 Lvl 1: High Ticket Retainers: An overview of how to go from $0 - $10K, 2x or 5x your client LTV. 📖 Lvl 2: Inbound Lead Nurturing: The step-by-step technical implementation to set GHL up and use it to make sure every new lead (both paid and organic) gets reasonable and prompt follow-up starting now and only stopping when they buy, or they opt out, or the world ends. 📖 Lvl 3: Database Reactivation(tm): Step-by-step training and over your shoulder look at exactly how to launch your first Database Reactivation campaign within 90min!
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Join me today here… 12 EST
I’m doing a free masterclass on database reactivation @ Noon eastern today in the GHL community. Join me! -Aloha, Robb
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Join me today here… 12 EST
🌶️ 7k Members! 🌶️
Hey All, we just crossed 7k members! As a Thank You... I’ve decided to co-host a private, invitational-only event with HighLevel where we’ll walk you through an account set-up specifically geared towards you. This isn’t a features tour, a simple show-n-tell demo, or worse, some loom video about HighLevel. This is Bootcamp, a full-on, click-by-click “Done with You” tutorial with the HighLevel team (and me!) to build out your HighLevel account in one day. What can you expect? Quick Win Setup #1: Text Marketing Quick Win Setup #2: The Missed Call Text Back Quick Win Setup #3: Mobile App Quick Win Setup #4: Social Media Integrations Quick Win Setup #5: Google Business Chat Quick Win Setup #6: Reputation and Reviews Management Quick Win Setup #7: FAQ Auto replies Format: Live Zoom Format with HighLevel Team Time commitment: 60 min MAX And the best part? We’re doing breakout Room Experiences in smaller groups so it's not overwhelming. And you’ll be able to network with fellow entrepreneurs who are also beginning their HighLevel journey! Plus, you’ll get these amazing BONUSES! - Lead Gen Playbook Giveaway - 5-Day Challenge Access Giveaway - SaaSPRENEUR Playbook Giveaway - HighLevel Launch Snapshot Giveaway - HighLevel Funnel Giveaway All you have to do is sign up for HighLevel Bootcamp and book your seat for one of the three sessions on June 7th - 11 am CST, 1 pm CST, or 3 pm CST. Sign up for the HighLevel Bootcamp here (spots limited): Each Bootcamp session is capped at only 50 seats....... so get in there and book your spot before this exclusive and valuable opportunity closes. Mahalo, Robb
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🌶️ 7k Members! 🌶️
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