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Genuine Career Growth
I'm curious where is everybody in their Goal Destination. It's been 10 months since I started my "Money Making Thing " Made 1K from it so far, and Grateful.
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For me the path is clear. My mission is to help people live life true to themselves. So from beginning of the year I started learning how to create and effectively share the knowledge and tools, and offer support to those who will want it. I have nothing to sell. Everything I am creating is available for free to anyone who wants it. Time to time I even offer free coaching. (I plan that over time there will be paid services as well, but even those would be as affordable as possible - e.g. community for £3 per month, etc.) Right now I am learning how to use YT to bring the knowledge and tools in front of more people. I have set a goal of creating free comprehensive resource hub and to make it one of the most sought after on the internet by 2028. By that I mean that when in 2028 you will mention personal development, personal growth, life transformation to 10 people, 8 of them would say 'Tree of Life Quest'.
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@Vasanthan Prabhagaran would you like me to help you find your purpose, life vision, mission and life plan?
I am writing
I would be grateful if you could start reading the text below. When you lose interest, stop and mention in comment where you stopped and why. Thank you very much upfront. PS: the text is not finished, it's just what I wrote today. PPS: if you finish reading the whole text and you will feel generous, you can leave me the ABC evaluation. ABC means that you can mention 1 thing you found Awesome, 1 you found Boring, and 1 you found Confusing. Again. Thank you very much and here is the text: The Tree of Life Quest Intro The Tree of Life Quest is just a framework. A concept designed to make it easy to imagine, understand, and remember the main principles of life. It makes it easier to transform your life when you have a clear idea of what you are trying to do. The Tree of Life Quest is not a rigid structure you have to follow to the dot. Rather, it gives you signposts to help you find out where you are and to decide where you want to go next. It's like a map -- marked with all the exciting venues -- and it's up to you to select the one you're going to visit next. You can go to one, all or none of them. It's up to you. And still -- at the beginning -- I invite you to follow along. The way I present it, tells a story. It's like a guided tour, each next step building on previous ones, together weaving intricate fabric of life well lived. Once you'll visit all the places and see how interconnected they are, go ahead, revisit the most exciting ones. Those which are relevant to you now. Spend there time. Explore. Learn. And I am sure that in the future you will again visit the other ones. Those which now seemed boring, unattractive, irrelevant. Because on your life journey, all of them will become relevant -- even crucial -- at one point or another. So, tag along, we're going to explore the Walled Garden. The place where the Tree of Life stands and our lives are, how our lives were supposed to be. Chapter one Walled Garden The gates They are massive. Once, so we are told, they were shut and guarded. But not today. They're open wide and noone is here to stop us. We can see inside.
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30x on-camera challenge
Update 10Nov23: 1st goal achieved - Nov starting to focus on quality (editing, script, thumbnail, etc ). Transformation from daily updates to 1-2 per week. Original post: Some time ago I saw a video following a man who took a 30-day challenge to record short videos. The goal was to become natural on camera by recording daily, each day was aimed at some specific goal. I have been thinking about it for some time and decided to give it a go. So from tomorrow, I will record daily videos. Two questions: Is here anyone who would be able to give me ideas on what specific challenges to address during this process? And anyone who would like to join and record their own videos too? We could keep ourselves accountable and give feedback. For anyone who would like to see the progress, I will post the videos on YouTube (probably as unlisted) and put the links below (maybe twice a week, I will decide on specific details today). Update: OK, the idea is crystallising. Videos will be mainly around 5 minutes long. Later in the challenge, I will record a few longer videos (15-20 minutes) to get a feel for longer content. First few videos (I'll plan the rest over the weekend): Playlist - 1. Intro - who I am, what this challenge is about, and what you can expect. 31/Oct/2023 2. My personal growth journey (to the hell and back) 1/Nov/2023 3. Living an authentic life - what it means 2/Nov/2023 4. How to turn your life around 3/Nov/2023 5. What to do when you have suicidal thoughts 4/Nov/2023 6. The first thing to do when you want to change your life. 5/Nov/2023 7. The number one predictor of a successful life (probably not what you think) 7/Nov/2023 (first edited) 8. Upload problems. Short testing video uploaded from mobile. 7/Nov/2023 9. Main SIX things to improve your life 8/Nov2023
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Ok, the update posted I decided that I will rebrand into '30x on-camera challenge' I will go for 2 videos per week (with a minimum commitment of 1x per week) while focusing on quality (aka, thumbnail, title, script, etc.) I will still record total of 30 videos, but in a more manageable timeframe.
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@Michael Bourk Thank you for your remarks. I am aware of the voiceover problem. While recording the A-roll the audio got distorted (you can hear the scratchy audio in last few seconds). I don't know why it happened but fortunately I was able to record voice separately for those few places (that's why the quality is different - it was separate audio recording) and use the B-roll. The only exception being the end of the video. I was too tired to redo it on camera. The lesson here is to always check whole footage before starting editing. And yes. The next six videos are going to dive deep into each tool.
Which one would you click on?
Hey guys, would love your feedback! Which one would you click on and why? Thank you! :)
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Which one would you click on?
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For me the first. The other two are too much in the face. But that's just me, I am a bit an outlier.
1 year results: 4 videos, 820 subs (I'm full time)
I'm averaging 3 months per video. 🙄 Some might think I've got the wrong approach. Fail quickly and adjust right? BUT. Here is the good news! My first video (Steve Jobs) took about 4 months to complete. My latest one (Andrew Tate part 2) took less than 2 months to complete AND it's the best content I've made. Now we will see how my latest performs in the months ahead. But I do think I'm not too far away from learning how to create a 1 million + viral video. Maybe within my next 10 videos (hopefully). But once I hit the jackpot in the algo, the beauty lies in that people will check out my work and find a lot of other high-quality videos which increases the likelihood of a sub/fan. I'm betting that this slow path will compound into a hockey growth effect down the line. I don't know this. But I believe in it. I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
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1 year results: 4 videos, 820 subs (I'm full time)
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This is excellent man. I enjoyed it.
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