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The blurry line between Authentic Value vs Low Effort video
I had a hypothesis about content that turns out was false. So lately I became a little bit busier with business, putting content at the side but I started to see a weird pattern in the business youtube space, lot of successful guys just create raw, unedited, authentic videos that get much more views than their overedited content. I saw this trend with authentic content/authentic editing, and also I just had little time for content creation. So I had this idea: What if I double down on value, only use bullet points instead of scripting, no editing, and just use simple thumbnails. It sounded good on paper: "people are not here for fancy editing or thumbnails they are here for value and authenticity" I started to post video after video, but somehow it just doesnt resonated with the audience the videos didnt got too many views and they kinda flopped if this would have been my first video I would just say I should keep going but because I had evidence that I'm able to get views (for context the video before it got 1k+ views) I realised that the problem is with the content. And I overlooked a huge thing: CONTEXT & EFFORT so after trying to understand why my videos flopped and other channels got 100k+ views I came to 2 realisation: 1. Sam Ovens, Charlie Morgan, Andrew Kirby has the authority that justifies a 1 hour long uncut video. if I sit down in front of the camera and talk for one hour, the audience asks: Why should I spend my time listening to this guy? He didn't even take the effort to edit this video.... If Sam Ovens or any other established authority sits down in front of the camera for an hour, people think: Oh it's so cool I can listen to a multi millionare's ideas, it feels like as I would be in the same room as him, he is sharing soo much value in this video! I think who you are matters just as much as what you say and you have to consistently show up and associate your name and reputation with quality and value and than you will build out trust with your audience
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Need a LP redesign?
Hi everyone. Does anyone need a FREE Landing Page redesign? I am working on a design project and need to redesign a landing page that is already online. You will get full access to the Figma file. Please message me if anyone is interested and send your current LP URL. Thanks! PS: This is not a full website redesign, it is for a single Landing Page for any campaign you are running. :D
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Strategy for using organic YouTube as a traffic source?
Hi, in a week or 2, I will be ready to launch my Skool group to the public and plan on using YouTube as my primary traffic source. I am going to be starting with free organic traffic and then expand later from there. I am wondering what a good starting strategy would be to maximize my time and results? Would it be better to exclusively focus on creating short form content for now and post every day? Or should I integrate long-form content as well right away? I do see the value and understand long-form videos on YouTube are also important, but also recognize that you can create multiple shorts in the time it can take to do a long form. So, when I am starting out, what is a recommended start? P.S - I do have plenty of experience making videos and being on camera, so that isn't the biggest concern, I just want to have a clear strategy to follow and build my audience and business in an efficient way.
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Quantity vs Quality
Looking for your insight on the Quantity vs Quality debate specifically for new YouTubers just starting out. Which do you think creators should focus on and what are the benefits if they do? And if you think they should start with Quantity when do you think they should transition to quality?
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New video Style - feedback?
Whats up Synthesizers Would love your thoughts on this Context: I create videos for men who have started in entrepreneurship/MMO (agency, remote closing, coaching etc..) but are stuck in an "old identity" - bad habits, can't manage emotions, procrastination, trying to increase work output/performance etc I'm going with a new video style that feels more aligned me compared to past content, I like to teach and break things down on whiteboards compared to overly edited videos Feedback on this video specifically has been good compared to others Buut Would love to hear what some of you think to get a broader perspective on things like: - hook - overall value - entertainment - engagement I'm aware that these types of videos will be boring for some people who love over the top edits but I'm okay with not attracting those types of people for the time being but I still want to make them engaging For those of you who watch I appreciate your time 🤝
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