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Feb '23 
Alex Hormozi's brain in Obsidian <- Set up/Use videos?
Hey guys, Is there a video, showing how to set up/link the Collateral files @Andrew Kirby has provided for use with Obsidian? The software is slightly above my paygrade right now... Thank you!
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@Griffin A. Hamilton Thanks Man, I can always count on you.
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Hear me out Griffin, ( This might sound Crazy ) I just had a fraction of a Thought of "What if we put the obsedien file of Alex's Brain into a Custom GPT. Beleive it or not you just gave me the Dataset. Universe works in Mysterious Ways. Thanks my Man gotta do some work Now, Blessings to You 😊🫡
The blurry line between Authentic Value vs Low Effort video
I had a hypothesis about content that turns out was false. So lately I became a little bit busier with business, putting content at the side but I started to see a weird pattern in the business youtube space, lot of successful guys just create raw, unedited, authentic videos that get much more views than their overedited content. I saw this trend with authentic content/authentic editing, and also I just had little time for content creation. So I had this idea: What if I double down on value, only use bullet points instead of scripting, no editing, and just use simple thumbnails. It sounded good on paper: "people are not here for fancy editing or thumbnails they are here for value and authenticity" I started to post video after video, but somehow it just doesnt resonated with the audience the videos didnt got too many views and they kinda flopped if this would have been my first video I would just say I should keep going but because I had evidence that I'm able to get views (for context the video before it got 1k+ views) I realised that the problem is with the content. And I overlooked a huge thing: CONTEXT & EFFORT so after trying to understand why my videos flopped and other channels got 100k+ views I came to 2 realisation: 1. Sam Ovens, Charlie Morgan, Andrew Kirby has the authority that justifies a 1 hour long uncut video. if I sit down in front of the camera and talk for one hour, the audience asks: Why should I spend my time listening to this guy? He didn't even take the effort to edit this video.... If Sam Ovens or any other established authority sits down in front of the camera for an hour, people think: Oh it's so cool I can listen to a multi millionare's ideas, it feels like as I would be in the same room as him, he is sharing soo much value in this video! I think who you are matters just as much as what you say and you have to consistently show up and associate your name and reputation with quality and value and than you will build out trust with your audience
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Thanks Benedek, I was in the same spiraling Action of documenting myself on Youtube with just Raw videos. Could you take a Look at Image I've attached and let me know what you Think of the Order 😊
🚀Looking For 10 Beta Users to Join a FREE Daily Accountability Challenge!
Hey everyone! We're organizing a Beta Group to participate 1 hour/day in a live accountability challenge from, March 18 to March 22! 🗓️ Here's the plan: 🕰️Daily: 60-minute live co-working session, preferably video on 👥 Intro: 5-minute intro to share your #1 Most Important Task (MIT) ⏳ Deep work: 50 minutes of focused work to tackle your MIT 🗣️ Wrap-up: 5-minute update on progress and accomplishments Looking for 10 awesome beta testers to join our free daily live accountability video calls, and to provide constructive feedback at the end of the challenge on, March 22! 🌟 💪Ready to boost your productivity with group accountability? 💬Only 10 Spots Available >> Comment below or send a DM if you're interested in participating 🙋️ 🔊Poll: Interested in joining our 1-week live beta accountability challenge?
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I'm In
Seek beautiful money
Beautiful money meets two criteria: 1. It's a byproduct of following your life's work 2. The giver of the money is happy he gave Avoid ugly money
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That's a better way to think about money I'm going to attract beautiful money from my life's work.
Challenges and leaning into the fray
Since my company launch, I have had the unfortunate task of firing two people. This is never fun, as it takes an emotional toll. Sometimes, the struggle can feel overwhelming. There is so much to do; time is a fleeting asset, and you want to conquer the world, but the world sometimes has other ideas. I made the mistake of not asking for help when I was younger. It was a hard lesson that has changed how I operate. I shared the above as I had to lean in, and my partners lifted me back up. Know that you are not alone; lean into your supporters when you need help. To all of you amazing Synthesizers battling the grind, if you need to talk - hit me up - I will be there to support and lift you up. You do not need to take this journey alone.
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I'm in the same Mental Strain. Thanks for the post Paul.
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