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Watch Me Make $2k In One Hour With Copywriting
ANYONE can turn one hour into thousands of dollars. And to prove this to everyone, I just released a new speedrun copywriting tutorial, Where you can watch me build a $2k sales page from scratch. Click the link below to watch it right now: 👉🏾 👈🏾 Your man, 4D.
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Watch Me Make $2k In One Hour With Copywriting
FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT: DO NOT CREATE NEW POSTS OR THREADS IN OTHER CHATS ASKING PEOPLE TO SUBMIT THEIR COPY. YOU WILL GET BANNED. WE KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED. From now on, Every week or so I will create a new post like this and you can submit your copy or outreach in the comments below. Other people will still be able to review it, And you can still leave comments to each other, While we make everything more organized. Here is the template for how you should share your copy: "<type of copy> in <niche>: <link>" Example: 3 Emails in the fitness niche: <link> Here is the template for how you should share your outreach: "<type of outreach>: <link>" Example: Instagram DM outreach: <link> Now share your copy and outreach in the comments below until the end of the week, And make sure you come here to review other people's copy & outreach as well! That's it for this update. Costin.
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The Biggest Copywriting Announcement Of All Time ⭐
If you’re someone who wants to make $10k/mo with copywriting in 2024, Then this will be the best news you’ve heard all year…👇 Because I’m going to be releasing my brand new FREE 8-Hour Copywriting Course On August 1st. For $0, You’ll get access to: - New Copywriting templates you can steal, - New AI prompts to write better copy AND outreaches, - New proven client-getting methods that deliver results, …And SO much more. If you think that the FREE 4 Hour Copywriting Course I uploaded last year was valuable, This next free course is guaranteed to blow you away. My promise is this: Not only will this new free 8-hour copywriting course give you everything you need to start making money with copywriting, But it will also help take massive leaps toward your goals. Whether that’s financially providing for your family, Quitting your 9-5 job, Or just reaching $10k/mo before 2024 ends. So with all that being said, Thank you to everyone supporting the channel and believing in me. It’s taken 8 months of research (And way too much coffee 😅), Over $10,000 in production costs, And 100s of hours from me and my team. But that’s what it takes to give you guys the best content possible. Please consider this new free 8-hour course a small token of my appreciation. My #1 goal is to provide more value for FREE on this channel than other people are giving in $1,500+ courses. We’ll be holding a live release event right before the free course launches on August 1st, 2024, So mark your calendars Join the Discord here so you don’t miss it, And make sure you’re subscribed to the channel for updates. Your #1 fan, Tyson 4D.
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The Biggest Copywriting Announcement Of All Time ⭐
Drop you best copy [ 1 copy every 24 hours]
get your copy reviewed just drop your copy. i will try my best to give review.kindly drop a like.
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Done with the boats and logs, Let's review some copies😂
Drop those copies, Kings! I would appreciate as many likes as possible
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