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The Tree of Life Quest
The Tree of Life Quest is just a framework.
A concept designed to make it easy to imagine, understand, and remember the main principles of life.
It makes it easier to transform your life when you have a clear idea of what you are trying to do.
The Tree of Life Quest is not a rigid structure you have to follow to the dot. Rather, it gives you signposts to help you find out where you are and to decide where you want to go next. It's like a map -- marked with all the exciting venues -- and it's up to you to select the one you're going to visit next.
You can go to one, all or none of them.
It's up to you.
And still -- at the beginning -- I invite you to follow along.
The way I present it, tells a story. It's like a guided tour, each next step building on previous ones, together weaving intricate fabric of life well lived. Once you'll visit all the places and see how interconnected they are, go ahead, revisit the most exciting ones.
Those which are relevant to you now. Spend there time. Explore. Learn.
And I am sure that in the future you will again visit the other ones. Those which now seemed boring, unattractive, irrelevant.
Because on your life journey, all of them will become relevant -- even crucial -- at one point or another.
So, tag along, we're going to explore the Walled Garden.
The place where the Tree of Life stands and our lives are, how our lives were supposed to be.
Chapter one
Walled Garden
The gates
They are massive.
Once, so we are told, they were shut and guarded. But not today. They're open wide and noone is here to stop us. We can see inside.
The grass indeed is greener on the other side. And while on this side of the wall the clouds keep casting shadows, it seems like there -- behind the wall -- everything bathes in the golden rays. As far as you can see, for miles and miles bright colourful meadows stretch to the horizon. The ocean of green, red, yellow, white, blue and violet is interrupted by a blue ribbon adorned with white laces. Wide. Calm.
And then there are the islands.
Dotted throughout the sea of grass and flowers -- some standing majestically on their own, some hugging eachother in clusters -- we can hear their whispering, and see their fruit-ladden branches waving at us in the mellow breeze, inviting.
Why were the gates closed? Why were we bared from entering this beautiful and dream-like place? Why have we lived in the shadows and storms instead of the warmth and glowing spotlight?
The Tales
There are old tales about our ancestors living in this land. But are they just tales? It seems that we all have that memory stored somewhere inside our hearts.
Is that why we are always striving to change -- transform -- where and how we live? To improve the now and here? Is it possible that we are trying to recreate the place we once knew to exist?
Yet if we do, it seems that we are always failing short. It's like chasing after the rainbow. No matter how far and close we get, it still stays far away. Always invoking awe. Always out of grasp.
But there are other tales too.
Darker ones.
Tales of the fall, an inherent evil which entered our beings and is passed down from father to son, from mother to daughter. Tales of envy and grabs and kills.
But we struggle to accept such tales.
After all, how can you look at the baby and think that there's an evil in it. Something so pure and innocent cannot be full of darkness and greed. That's preposterous!
Let's leave the babies aside for now.
They can be exhausting even while adorable.
We'll look at them again, later.
I promise.
For now, let's look at ourselves.
After all, we are not babies anymore. We've been through thick and thin. We've waded through mud, bathed in sun, sweat and guilt. We saw the good in ourselves and others. We saw the ugly too. Sometimes even in the mirror.
There's no need to apologize.
There's no need to get defensive either.
Let's be honest.
We all know the good and evil intimately. Sometimes it struck us coming from others. Sometimes we struck others with our own brand of either. Sometimes we aimed both at ourselves. The evil more often than the good.
Somehow it's hard for us to give ourselves the pat, yet easy to berate ourselves for a slightest mishap.
We tend to hurt ourselves, people around us, even the environment we live in -- the soil, the water, air...
Why do we do that?
Why can't we all just live in harmony, each of us giving the best for the good of all?
It seems like there might be something.
Something poisonous.
No one does the bad all the time. Not everyone is doing evil things. There are some people who do. But not many. Especially not you.
You are a good person.
You are.
Sometimes you lied.
Just a little.
That was nothing.
Really. It was better that way.
I know. I did it too.
Everyone did.
Are we all flawed?
Is that why we were barred from the Walled Garden?
It can't be.
First, it's just a tale. There never was a beautiful place like that. That we want to make our lives better is only natural. It's not that we have an idea that somewhere out there is something better.
And second, little white lie is not evil. Even if it's not truth, it's not meant to hurt. Exactly opposite. It is meant to protect. The truth is what hurts. Sometimes.
That's why we lie.
To protect others.
And us.
From the truth.
But why are we even talking about this? Aren't we supposed to look at the ways to transform our lives? What does the garden have in common with life change?
Well. You heard about the Tree of Life? Didn't you?
It seems that it was planted in this (supposedly) heavenly garden. And it is supposed to have a magical power to transform our lives.
So shall we enter? The gate's open and no one seems to be here to stop us. What do you think?
Lubos Tomicek
I am writing
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