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Become A Disciplined Machine In 3 Steps (EASY GUIDE)
Let me guess… …you start something new self improvement related like a workout plan, diet, meditation, yoga, cold showers, journalling etc. You stick to it for maybe a week or two but then it slowly drops off and before you know it you’re just back to square one! The problem is your discipline- or more accurately, your LACK of discipline. I know this because I have been there MYSELF! The thing that got me out of this vicious cycle and enabled me to become like a machine with my discipline was to follow these THREE steps below: —————————- 1))) GET CLEAR ON THE ‘WHY’. If you’re on a self improvement journey and trying to better yourself, there’s obviously a REASON why you want to change. You need to become crystal clear on this so that this is always present in the back of your mind. The reason for this is so that when times get tough and you really DON’T want to do something (a new habit for example), you can remember your ‘why’ and your pain points and this will spur you on to keep going. To find your ‘why’ and pain points, try this exercise using the picture attached. Write down some things that you do that you wish you didn’t. For example, ‘skipping my workout’, ‘eating junk food’ and ‘never finishing anything’. Then, for each one write the Immediate, Knock-on and Hidden effects of continually doing this. For example, skipping a workout my result in you feeling ashamed and down immediately. But then the knock on effect could be that you never gain muscle or are happy with your body. Lastly, the hidden long term effect could be that you never get a girlfriend, become sad all the time and regret your actions years before. Seems harsh right? Well in order for you to become disciplined you may need to get as harsh as possible with this exercise! The more harsh you are, the more you can see what will happen years down the line if you don’t become disciplined NOW! Try this exercise now. —————————- 2))) BECOME A MASTER OF THE MORNINGS. At the end of the day, you are most likely to have a lapse in discipline of there is an absence of these two things:
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Apply this rule to your life- become a self development GOD
If you understand this principle and use it wisely, you can transform your life with ease. You can stop wasting time on the stuff that doesn’t matter and start to make crazy progress on the stuff that does. The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) is the idea that 80% of the results are caused by only 20% the action. This principle can be applied to many different areas of life, and the outcome remains the same. For example, often 80% of a businesses profits will be raised by 20% of their customers. 20% of drivers on the road cause 80% of accidents. Of course, the numbers aren’t always exactly 80/20. It might be 79/21, 68/32 or 90/10. But the principle shows us how a small percentage of the causes are responsible for a large percentage of the outcome. ———————— FIND YOUR 20%: When I used this rule and applied it to my life, I was shocked at some of the things that I found out. For example, I found that I was spending 80% of my free time watching YouTube, movies and playing games. This was only giving me 20% of my total satisfaction. When I honed in on the things that gave me real satisfaction like working on my business and helping others, my total satisfaction skyrocketed. Furthermore, when working on my business I also realised that only 20% of my work was actually bringing in 80% of revenue. I was wasting time making the perfect logo, tag lines, domain name etc. and not focusing on the 20% activities such as marketing, outreach and making new connections that was bringing in that 80% of revenue. In your life, think about what you really want to improve in. Do you want more energy? Want to build a business? Want to get ripped? Then think about the 20% of activities that you do that are going to result in 80% of the outcome. Do more of those, and cut down on things that don’t matter as much. For example, if you want bigger arms but only do one arm workout a week, you need to be doing MORE of these and cut back on other exercises. If you find that sleep is the biggest factor that determines whether you’re tired or not- focus on getting MORE rather than worrying about religiously drinking that coffee each morning or trying to get 20,000 steps in.
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What Logo Is Your Favourite? (Free AI Image prompt)
AI images are sick- i'd pay premium for ChatGPT AI image generation. Totally recommend it. Also Canva premium. Used this prompt: "design me a sexy brand image for "Mega Mindset". A business with a vision to help entrepreneurs across the world to escape their mental prison and achieve real freedom. One dedicated to achieving Stocism, mental mastery and unparalleled consciousness." I made some new logos for Mega Mindset (my brand). You can vote for which logo you like the best (attached pics) Thanks brotha
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Introduction + Thank You Andrew
I wanted to say thanks for letting me into Synthesizer School a creating the synthesizer course Just started it and it is epic! Thanks for the value Btw Some of you might know me and maybe other don't So I am going to introduce myself Hey my name is Dustin I am in school while being an entrepreneur in the service based business space for the last 9 months + Other business models before some of my long term goals are By the end of 2030 - $1 million N.W - 1 million subscribers ( idc as much about this as long as the fanbase is strong & I make money ) By the end of 2025 - 1 month in business with $100k - 50k subscribers - $100k N.W. Right now I am currently working on taking a deep dive into topics I am teaching or need to learn for my current problems right now As well as building out the rest of my coaching program Nice to be in here 👋
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Selecting a Skool Niche
I've been watching the Skool Masterclass inside MaxFree and coming up with my target niche for my community. The only problem is that I have so many different ideas. How do you guys choose your niche when you have many interests? Do you combine them into one? For example: I could create a course on weight lifting, carnivore diet, sleep optimization, and Bitcoin. But now, I'm more interested in learning about business and entrepreneurship. Curious how you guys handle this as a synthesizer 🙏
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