1 year results: 4 videos, 820 subs (I'm full time)
I'm averaging 3 months per video. 🙄
Some might think I've got the wrong approach.
Fail quickly and adjust right?
Here is the good news!
My first video (Steve Jobs) took about 4 months to complete.
My latest one (Andrew Tate part 2) took less than 2 months to complete AND it's the best content I've made.
Now we will see how my latest performs in the months ahead. But I do think I'm not too far away from learning how to create a 1 million + viral video. Maybe within my next 10 videos (hopefully). But once I hit the jackpot in the algo, the beauty lies in that people will check out my work and find a lot of other high-quality videos which increases the likelihood of a sub/fan.
I'm betting that this slow path will compound into a hockey growth effect down the line.
I don't know this. But I believe in it. I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
Patric Tarnhamn
1 year results: 4 videos, 820 subs (I'm full time)
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