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Ability to draft posts (not auto-schedule :)
I've created a collection of posts I want to release later manually... not auto-schedule, but something I'd actively do later. For example: - I'm working on feature X for my community. - It could be a new Class that isn't yet published but that I'm working on. - I want to create/preview a post about that feature (ex: my draft Class) to have everything "ready to go" once I do publish the class. - But I don't want the post to appear to users yet. I didn't see a way to put them in draft mode until I'm actually ready to post. Any possibility we could get that feature? Not the possibly controversial auto-schedule mentioned separately, just a simple "draft" mode that we can manually publish when ready. My current workaround is to create the posts, save them outside of Skool in something like Google Docs, then copy/paste back in... but that adds a lot of friction and time to the process. Thanks for considering!
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I would like to see this too. 🙂
Hosting Multiple Communities
Hey all if I am hosting multiple communities - can I refer myself for the second community and save the 40%?
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@Susan Goodman I'm running a community with a business partner and he signed up with my affiliate link. Get a friend to grow your community with you. Makes it more fun anyway 🙂
Leaderboard Help
Hey, this is Leelah Brown and I have a question about the leaderboards tab.. 1. How to track within the leaderboards on whether they should move up or not? I see how to add info to the leaderboard but I don't know how to track and see whether they should be ready to move up or not. 2. How track the points for every person? 3. Can I track when they refer a friend??
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Hi Leelah, 1. Members will move up automatically when they have enough points to level up. 1 Like = 1 Point. 2. I'm not sure if you can track points for every member. I think the best way is to see the percentages of certain levels on the leaderboard. And that's it... 3. The system isn't setup to automatically track referrals. You can add a membership question asking who you were referred by and can manually track it that way. Hope this helps!
Stop new Members
I have a (maybe outrageously stupid) question. Is there a way to "close" my community? I get new paid members every day and I want to close my community down for new members for a while. I don't see a dedicated "close" feature, but maybe there's some way around that to stop it? (Other than putting the price to 997 and hope that nobody joins haha) Edit: I don't want to make more money, I have enough, I actually want to stop new members. It's not about marketing this and that, just no new members Edit: If you’re reading this and you can’t believe me, yes it is true, I actually look for a way to close down and not let new members in, no I don’t want higher prices, no I don’t want exclusivity, no I don’t want more admins, I actually genuinely just don’t want more members and I‘m looking for a way to do exactly that :)
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I see that you have a link to your skool community on your youtube channel. You could remove it so it's not publicly available. If no one has access to the link then they can't join it. I don't think this is the long term solution but could help slow the growth.
New to Skool
Hello Everyone!!! Signed up for Skool's so amazing to see many of the people I follow and look up to in the Skool community. Super excited to walk this journey with everyone and be apart of something so amazing. Let's get it.🔥💪🔥🙌🔥
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Welcome! This is the place to be on the internet.
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@Jimmy D Not at all... Honestly, I'm just starting out with my community bringing in people who want massive growth to achieve the impossible. No testimonials yet... but that's what I want to do. Currently, though for myself I want to dunk a basketball... That's impossible for me right now. And I'm also helping my business partner with his goal of building a business to quit his job. Gotta start somewhere 🙂
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