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Soul Awakening Solutions

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A sacred space for you to share experiences as we awaken our unique gifts and welcome the transformative energies of the new 5D consciousness.


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🍓 90% Engagement, BABYYY
@Max Perzon gave me some wicked hacks. But im going to give you 1 more small, (but important) one. The last 20% of engagement always takes wayyy more creative effort. Its so stupid you might not be using it. So far it is one of our most popular features - and it is RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE. (If youve ever messaged me publicly, you may also suspect this one) Theres 3 levels to it. 1. Use gifs in every reply. 2. Use gifs in your courses. 3. Utilize your own gifs. If you can manage all 3 you will see your engagement rise by AT LEAST a few points in a few days. As it stands myself and my admins have NO SHAME when it comes to this ridiculousness. And you know what? Its working. @Sam Ovens gave em to us for a reason. They speak to the soul. So its time to step up your gif game. P.s. I dont know actually know how to MAKE them, but @Jeffrey Buoncristiano can tell you how.
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Thank you for this GIFt
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@Goose Dunlavey
Add free, then add subscription only for new people?
I want to add all my existing members for free, and then set up a subscription. But will the existing free members remain free? I don't want them to be charged.
New comment 20d ago
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@Erika Kulpina so even after I create a paid space I can still invite members to join for free?
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@Erika Kulpina thank you so much!
Can we please Unlock Courses by Date?
I haven't seen a way to do this but I'm guessing if there one of you already found it. If not @Sam Ovens maybe it can go on the list? I want to be able to unlock monthly courses by the sign up date for individuals. So that when someone signs up for a 12 month program the 1st month unlocks on registration and then the next one in 30 days etc. This was my goal for the coaching program that I'm creating now. When I found myself here at skool I was just exploring creating an app for my business. Skool is the perfect solution, so thanks for that. This little tweak would make it so much better!
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@Bryan Diggle I'm thinking they are using an integration or manual. I'm unlocking mine manually right now as people sign up. I'd like to 1. Schedule an unlock date for courses(for the start of a new course group) 2. Schedule unlock dates by member. ---- So really now I want two new features
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@Jendrick Hance can you expand on that response please?
Any update on voice memo function?
I’ve had another full week of coaching where having the ability to voice message my clients would have been AMAZING!! Text just isn’t cutting it when it comes to answering questions and providing feedback. I was told this would be an option when Skool had an app. Having to take conversations off of Skool is starting to get annoying. I’m looking for an all in one platform and was told this was it??
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Have you tried this?
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@Matt Korthuis I just recorded a voice message to respond and uploaded it as a file.
Public or Private?
How do you decide?
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@Mike Morales that's exactly my concern! My group is a sensitive subject (spiritual awakening) and part of the reason I use skool is so members can avoid their dark night of the soul dumps winding up in Google
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@Peter Lupo clarity definitely important. I migrated my courses and my membership tribe. Integration is the challenge. Great questions thank you!
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Soul Awakening Solutions is my community. I am an author, spiritual awakening guide, psychic development teacher and I channel angelic energy.

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