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Why not call modules lessons and sets modules? 🙏🏻
It would be easier to understand and explain. We'd have the classroom with different modules and lessons within those modules.
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one-click software to export my linkedIn contacts?
anyone here who is using software to extract contacts to your email list from linkedin? preferred with one click only. ;-)
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Skool gift-cards
Hey @Alex Hormozi @Sam Ovens, Would love the option to buy subscriptions for my business owner friends to try Skool on a longer timeframe than 14 days... Community, What do you all think? Do y'all feel like you could use this for the people in your life or am I alone in wanting this?
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Feature Request: Voice Notes
I know there's 50+ other posts but wanted to re-emphasize this request!! What other workarounds are there besides loom?
About page A/B Testing
I was just wondering if we expecting any kind of A/B testing in our about page as would make sense to test it when we especially running ads directly from meta? (Also i see conversion rate is coming, so would be cool if we was able to have the A/B option too) @Sam Ovens
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