Stop new Members
I have a (maybe outrageously stupid) question. Is there a way to "close" my community? I get new paid members every day and I want to close my community down for new members for a while. I don't see a dedicated "close" feature, but maybe there's some way around that to stop it? (Other than putting the price to 997 and hope that nobody joins haha)
Edit: I don't want to make more money, I have enough, I actually want to stop new members. It's not about marketing this and that, just no new members
Edit: If you’re reading this and you can’t believe me, yes it is true, I actually look for a way to close down and not let new members in, no I don’t want higher prices, no I don’t want exclusivity, no I don’t want more admins, I actually genuinely just don’t want more members and I‘m looking for a way to do exactly that :)
Joonah Wittmann
Stop new Members
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