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Lifetime Value
Does someone know an easy way to find out churn rate and average lifetime value by subscription price? I have 2 prices and I wanna see how they differ in longevity of the subscription
My YouTube channel is called Chesspage1 and I feel like it would improve the experience for my members if they're seeing all the posts and messages by Chesspage1 instead of my name. I had to use my actual name because of Skool policies, but I would love if there was a feature to use my Chesspage1 YouTube Channel name as the shown name inside of the community so my members see a name they already know, instead of some random name they've never heard before.
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@Christopher E. The name is chesspage university but they're still seeing posts and messages sent with my name instead of Chesspage1.
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@Dominik Spirit ooooh that is so smart and I didn’t think of that. The group about page would still say „by [real name]“ but at least I could interact with people that way. Thanks!
Stop new Members
I have a (maybe outrageously stupid) question. Is there a way to "close" my community? I get new paid members every day and I want to close my community down for new members for a while. I don't see a dedicated "close" feature, but maybe there's some way around that to stop it? (Other than putting the price to 997 and hope that nobody joins haha) Edit: I don't want to make more money, I have enough, I actually want to stop new members. It's not about marketing this and that, just no new members Edit: If you’re reading this and you can’t believe me, yes it is true, I actually look for a way to close down and not let new members in, no I don’t want higher prices, no I don’t want exclusivity, no I don’t want more admins, I actually genuinely just don’t want more members and I‘m looking for a way to do exactly that :)
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@Sally How I don't want highly committed invested new members though, I want no new members at all even
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@Mihai Hotca I mean it's a chess community and the only reason it's performing well is that I'm pulling millions of views in chess on YouTube. So I don't know what people are going to learn (regarding business) by joining
How many DM's does an "innocent" person send in 1-week?
Imagine you're a member of some groups (not the owner or admin). Somebody "innocent", not somebody trying to sell people stuff... How many new people would you start a DM conversation with in 1-week?
New comment Feb 15
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Maybe add a "this person is trying to sell something" button and if somebody gets reported too often, you can check him
Make Software/Website available for members
I have a website that I would like to make specifically available for my active Skool Members. So you have to join the Skool Community to use that website. Does anyone know a way to make that happen?
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@Marcin Hakemer-Fernandez It‘s an interactive training tool, not content
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@David Breyer That‘s what I‘m trying to do but I don’t know a technical solution. Since I have hundreds of members, I can’t do that by hand.
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