Ability to draft posts (not auto-schedule :)
I've created a collection of posts I want to release later manually... not auto-schedule, but something I'd actively do later.
For example:
  • I'm working on feature X for my community.
  • It could be a new Class that isn't yet published but that I'm working on.
  • I want to create/preview a post about that feature (ex: my draft Class) to have everything "ready to go" once I do publish the class.
  • But I don't want the post to appear to users yet.
I didn't see a way to put them in draft mode until I'm actually ready to post.
Any possibility we could get that feature?
Not the possibly controversial auto-schedule mentioned separately, just a simple "draft" mode that we can manually publish when ready.
My current workaround is to create the posts, save them outside of Skool in something like Google Docs, then copy/paste back in... but that adds a lot of friction and time to the process.
Thanks for considering!
Kris Van Nest
Ability to draft posts (not auto-schedule :)
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