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🗳️ Vote On The Best Studio Setup! Winner gets $25 Gift Cart
Hey Guys, Need your help voting on the best studio setup! 🙏 And thanks everyone for playing along and posting your set up. I took 4 studios in random order and put a RED #1, 2, 3 or 4 in the corner of the image so you could see which one was which. And then you could make your vote. If I didn't select you, sorry! They were all great, but I had to pick 4. We'll leave this up until Friday evening, then we'll declare the winner!
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Studio # 2 because of the attention to detail for audio insulation!
Cold Email and DMing are Dying (Make Content Instead)
One of the most fascinating things I see is content agencies reaching out to me via cold email to help me create content. And video editors DMing me saying how they can make my content go viral. Sometimes I look them up only to see nothing. No content on their own channels, almost no online presence at all. (I get all sorts of other crazy offers via cold email and DMs as well but when it's related to content specifically it feels extra odd). I honestly send them all straight to spam and delete them, but that's just me. I don't have time for it. I meet all the awesome professionals and clients I need by creating content and networking on social media. Why would I (or anyone) trust you to help me get business with content when you don't use the same mechanism to grow your own business? It doesn't make sense. Is it possible to get clients with cold email? sure. Is it the best way to get clients in 2024? no. And how many people did you annoy along the way? Probably a lot. Will they remember you? Probably not because they deleted the email so fast trying to get you out of their inbox. But that's really besides the point. Warning sign #1 cold email is a bad idea. The first thing any cold email guru tells you to do, is to go signup for another email domain and to start "warming" it up so you don't destroy your real domain by sending out spam. What does it say about cold email that you need to go to such lengths to avoid detection and protect your real domain from being damaged? People don't want your cold email in their inbox. And how much time will you waste trying to craft "the perfect cold email" that .01% of the people open and respond to? Instead of priding yourself on your cold email game, pride yourself on your content game. You only have so much time to get good at something. Don't hedge your bets either, a little cold email, a little content. You'll be bad at both. Email is not a channel that people want to be interrupted on. People go to their email to get stuff they actually signed up for, and to interact with people they know.
New comment Jan 10
3 likes • Nov '23
Personally cold dm’s are super distracting especially when I’m communicating with clients via dm on Skool
2 likes • Nov '23
@Stephen G. Pope All in all it hasn’t been a huge issue for me. But I always Uno Reverse the question back to the cold dm’er and then they get frustrated and leave. I can’t imagine how many you probably get though
💰 Make More Sales With Better Copywriting
If you're not a copywriter (or if you are) and you want some REALLY practical concepts to make better copy to sell more of your stuff, checkout this PDF. It's 13 pages that anyone can understand and it will keep you focused on the right things. It's so easy to go off track when you try and write persuasive content. It's from a "One-Sentence Persuasion Course" by Blair Warren. It was recommended to me inside a TikTok Ads mastermind I'm apart of. ✅ 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding Check it out! ⚠️ Warning: this PDF might make you a lot of money = )
New comment 19d ago
4 likes • Oct '23
I've been having a ton of fun learning copywriting lately, this pdf is awesome
Starting to make linkedin carousel posts
Any advice for a beginner? How do you post it so that it shows up as a carousel on LinkedIn? What do you use to edit and make them personally? Thanks
New comment Oct '23
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I see what I was missing, 1st make the post in something like canva, then download as PDF so you can upload to Linkedin as a PDF and this is how it makes the slide show style thing
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Workshop → Create an AI Workflow to Automate Content Creation!
So excited to announce an upcoming AI workshop coming Friday October 20th at 11AM PST with @Steve Cary. In this workshop, Steve Cary will show you how to build a series of ChatGPT prompts to create engaging content based on your unique point of view (and tone of voice). Using your EXISTING video transcripts! What We Will Focus On: - Train AI to create “Your Voice” - Create a summary output from your transcript showing key points and highlights - Use the original transcript to create:  Blogs, Social Posts, and More And we’ll show you how to build ChatGPT prompts that you can REUSE (over and over) to write content that is in your voice and tailored to your message! (from existing transcripts). We'll also do some Q+A! Hope you can join us, will be a good time to connect with all of you! 🙏 Make sure to put it on your calendar → Questions or comments? or just excited? drop a comment below. See you there!!
New comment Oct '23
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Question about chatgpt, it often doesn’t reliably remember previous conversations, do you know a different way to make it remember everything you’ve trained it with?
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