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Skool is the way to go!
If you're trying to decide whether to start a Skool community for your business or not, I would say 10000% do it! Recently I purchased 4 MRR courses, all housed on different platforms. 1st place, Hands down the best info and easiest course to follow is housed on SKOOL! 2nd is user friendly, but the system they use is a lot more complicated with a lot of steps on the back end as a course creator needing to utilize multiple platforms with the need for an external Community Group. 3rd is some system I don't even know and it's not pretty, nor helpful, nor user friendly and very plain 4th is on Kajabi, not as easy to use and not very pretty (color branding is huge) Bijan is amazing at helping get you started with setup as well as creating videos, making it so much easier to be successful.
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Introduce yourself! 1. Where are you from 2. What is your niche or passion subject 3. How long have you wanted to make an online business
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Getting my ideas out on tech
I’m not ready to commit to heat subscriptions for tech right now bc I have clickfunnels and aweber and would like to focus on using these investments as I learn my messaging m. I can place my product on clickfunnels with an attached stripe account but my question is: Can I use a simple app on my Mac that I can write my course out? Can I use zoom to record my videos or lectures and put it on my fb group? Can I use my Facebook group to record lives? Pros and cons. Do I make the YouTube shorts to get that out of the way and begin recording my classes there? I just want a place I can put all my wisdom without paying for loom, skools and there was one more but I forgot. Btw it’s not the money it’s that I’m wasting time learning these apps instead of actually getting my course out and available. I don’t want to be in learning mode anymore I just need a pen and paper ;) digitally speaking Thank you for your feedback xoxo
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