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Kontent Engine DB Q&A is happening in 3 days
Is there anyone here in Canada facing issues on TikTok shop content?
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Do You Worry About Editing Much?
During my conversations with content creators, a lot of them seem to have negative thoughts about editing, what are your concerns about editing your own videos and what would you like to do to fix them?
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IG/TikTok Posting Times?!?
How important is having consistent posting times for you on IG or TikTok? Have you noticed any correlation between content views and the time you have posted?
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Stealing Growth Strategies From Your Favorite YouTubers 👀
Good artists copy, Great artists steal. You don’t have to guess to go VIRAL on YouTube, here’s how 👇 Mr.Beast, Iman Gadzhi, Ali Abdaal and all of the YouTubers that are going viral are not smarter than you, they just know what works. But they are all doing ONE thing different from 99% of other YouTubers. They are constantly TESTING and stealing concepts. Not necessarily stealing, but focusing on what worked before. Let’s take Mr.Beast as an example. He literally “stole” the entire concept and thumbnail from the original video “Trains vs Giant Pit '' from BeamNG Nation channel. Is that ethical? Absolutely, but why? Simply because it works. Why would you want to focus on a new idea when you can copy other people’s ideas, add your own flavor and touch to them and go VIRAL again. - When it comes to videos, it’s the same. - When it comes to thumbnails it’s the same. - When it comes to hooks, it’s the same. Mark Twain said it the right way: There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. New ideas don’t exist, focus on what worked and double down on that! It’s really that simple, even in practice.
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Auditing Stephen's Instagram (and How you can Improve Yours)
Hi everyone, I specialize in growing and monetizing personal brands on Instagram. I was taking a look at @Stephen G. Pope 's profile and thought he could benefit from a few pointers. I made an in-depth video auditing it and how he could improve it. Sharing this with all of you as well in the event it could help you optimize your own profiles or those of your clients. I'm offering a free consultation (no strings attached, just want to help) for anyone in the community to give back for all the value you've given to me. If you're interested, book some time with me here 👉 Thanks!
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