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A Message To Consultants: Things are Changing
This is a message for Consultants. Specifically someone who sells coaching or a course to help people solve their problems. In 2022 I: - Spent two days in LA with Sam Ovens (on track to become billionaire) - Spoke with Alex Hormozi ($200m/year portfolio) - Spoke (and worked) with MrBeast (130m subscribers) - Spoke with Cole Gordon ($2,000,000/month) - Met Bas Slot in Lisbon twice ($1,000,000/month) My conclusion after all of this was simple: This industry is changing… The smartest people have noticed, and are already taking advantage of this shift. Everyone else will be left behind. Watch these clips (5-10 mins) to spot the shift. - Clip from Sam Ovens - Tweet from Alex Hormozi - Another tweet from Alex Hormozi - Clip from Cole Gordon (making $2m/m+) - Clip from All In Podcast (all four are Billionaires) - Clip from Alex Hormozi Watch those clips before reading on. They're short. Here's how I see things changing: - Direct Response → Brand - Ads → Content - Selling → Giving And to me, this is a GREAT SHIFT. Thank fuck this industry is FINALLY maturing. It's no longer enough to have flashy marketing and great sales skills. You have to build a brand. Over the past few months I’ve hinted at this shift quite a few times, and how I've used it to make $100,000/month profit (and sometimes even $90,000 in a day). I've made a: - 33 minute Loom video explaining this new model - 21 minute Loom video explaining how I got 600,000 subscribers using this model - Free course explaining how to build a great community - Loom video I sent to Alex Hormozi about using trends to grow an audience when he asked me to help him grow his YouTube - Notion page explaining the lessons I learned about YouTube growth from speaking with MrBeast - Google Doc explaining the content system that grows your audience in just two hours per week
New comment Jan 30
A Message To Consultants: Things are Changing
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LinkedIn Prospecting limit
I am starting to prospect on LINKEDIN. Does anyone know what are the limits? I am aware of FB and IG limitations. I have heard that LI is more strict than FB and IG. FB outbound limit: 5+ new convo per day - Only friends (Increase by 3 until New convo reaches 20 new convo/day) if you are just starting out. Later on Total add = 25 new connections New convo should be: 25+new/day Followups: 150+ / day I have not seen any problem with this limit
New comment Oct '23
3 likes • Oct '23
Linkedin limitation is 100 invite per week. But you can overcome this and dm directly people without inviting them first if you are part of the same group or participating at the same event. Recently I experienced Facebook much more limitations than LinkedIn in term of blocking invite. The risk of being banned can be influence by factor like age of the account or recent activity. Like if you have a new account with 0 or little activity and start sending 40 invite or 30/50 dm per days you have high probability of beign restricted by LinkedIn.
Free Youtube Mastermind + Accountability
Are you creating content consistently on Youtube and would like to grow your channel ? I would love to create a small group of youtube creators between 0 and 100k followers that mastermind once a week and help each others grow and stay accountable 😁 I have been running for a year a free mastermind for 6 figures online business owner and we all experienced so much value and growth from that group. So i believe, that a mastermind could benefits people that are serious about Youtube 🚀 I am looking for 5-10 people max that are already creating content weekly or just starting out. Comment "Go Youtube" if you are interested to join this free mastermind so we can connect and grow together
New comment Sep '23
Free Youtube Mastermind + Accountability
2 likes • Sep '23
@Helena Leppanen I just send you a dm
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@Stuart Tufft What have the most impact from Emmy experience is the quality of the members and the quality of the frame and structure of the mastermind
How do I grow my YouTube channel?
I’ve just started creating shorts and uploading them on my YouTube channel. Do you think that if I first get views on my shorts and get people to know my channel, then I could start uploading whole videos, so my channel would be more successful?
New comment Sep '23
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I am doing the same right know with shorts and building a free youtube mastermind around this topic
What Landing Page Builder To Use ?
I want to start my own community and I am looking for a good Landing Page website to built it. Do you have any recommandations on what should I use? I can t use clickfunnels cause they are too expensive for me btw..
New comment Sep '23
3 likes • Sep '23 is free and it is the best alternative to clickfunels you have everything included email, payment etc...
2 likes • Sep '23
@Arturo Herrero yes webflow is great but to start fast it is better to use all in one software like clickfunnels or
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