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If you're a beginner looking to start making money online, but don't want to risk spending your own $ in case it's unsuccessful... ... then here's how to ethically exploit Skool's new $100,000 challenge so that you can generate monthly recurring revenue with zero risk of losing/spending any of your own money. I'll give you some context, then give you the playbook. CONTEXT: - Skool's running a $100,000 challenge - They're giving away $100k of prizes to people who start a Skool community and use Skool payments to generate monthly recurring revenue - The challenge lasts 28 days - The big prizes are for the people who generate the most monthly recurring revenue or who get the most customers (nearly impossible to win if you're a beginner) - Skool has said "EVERYBODY who gets 10 paid members gets Skool merch + 3-months FREE Skool subscription" (winner winner chicken dinner) Here's the PLAYBOOK to generate Monthly Recurring Revenue with zero risk: 1. Use the first 14 days of the challenge to figure out what you're going to sell, and how you'll get customers 2. With less than 14 days of the challenge remaining, start your 14 day free trial 3. Set up Skool payments to charge $1/month for your community 4. Hustle to get 10 community members 5. If you don't, cancel your Skool free trial and don't pay a penny 6. If you succeed, you get another 3 months free Skool (and some free merch) 7. Use those 3 months free Skool to generate $99/month - $9,999/month 8. If you don't, cancel your Skool and you'll still have never paid a penny 9. If you succeed, now you're making more than the cost of Skool, so still never risk a penny 10. Continue to scale up to $10,000/month And if you run that playbook you'll be able to generate monthly recurring revenue without ever risking a single penny of your own money. If you've been watching to start an online business but never got round to it, now's the time to act. There's no better feeling than earning your first dollar online.



Sven Dzendzo
Rens van Daalen
Christofer Perez
Lokesh Gaikwad
Jordan Molotsky
New comment 9m ago

I want to start my own community and I am looking for a good Landing Page website to built it. Do you have any recommandations on what should I use? I can t use clickfunnels cause they are too expensive for me btw..



Nivas K
Mario Bescu
Helena Leppanen
Andrei Roncea
Martin Meneses Vazquez
New comment 9h ago
  • 3 likes • 5d is free and it is the best alternative to clickfunels you have everything included email, payment etc...

  • 2 likes • 4d

    @Arturo Herrero yes webflow is great but to start fast it is better to use all in one software like clickfunnels or

Are you creating content consistently on Youtube and would like to grow your channel ? I would love to create a small group of youtube creators between 0 and 100k followers that mastermind once a week and help each others grow and stay accountable 😁 I have been running for a year a free mastermind for 6 figures online business owner and we all experienced so much value and growth from that group. So i believe, that a mastermind could benefits people that are serious about Youtube 🚀 I am looking for 5-10 people max that are already creating content weekly or just starting out. Comment "Go Youtube" if you are interested to join this free mastermind so we can connect and grow together



Helena Leppanen
Prasanth Pacha
Bryan Ang
Scar Horey
Best Etinosa
New comment 13h ago
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    @Helena Leppanen I just send you a dm

  • 0 likes • 20h

    @Stuart Tufft What have the most impact from Emmy experience is the quality of the members and the quality of the frame and structure of the mastermind

I’ve just started creating shorts and uploading them on my YouTube channel. Do you think that if I first get views on my shorts and get people to know my channel, then I could start uploading whole videos, so my channel would be more successful?



Efe Ateş
Aman Kumar
Bastien Compan
New comment 4d ago
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    I am doing the same right know with shorts and building a free youtube mastermind around this topic

Hey guys & girls! I suck at Instagram. I'm trying to grow my account but have no idea what I'm doing. If you're awesome at Instagram and willing to teach me, I'll teach you paid ads in exchange. Or recruitment, I'm pretty good at that too. In the last 12 months for my clients I've generated over $5 million in revenue & helped hire 200+ people. So if you're keen on a skill swap (no $$$ involved), just comment below or send me a DM!



Bastien Compan
New comment 4d ago

Hey! I'm creating a backlog for me to search fast the Hormozi Course. On The folder you will find the transcripts (You can search on them if you need to revisit anything) + outlined study notes. I stopped at the lesson 8, if you guys liked it, I will continue to do this for the rest of the lessons. If this brings any value to you, please like and comment!



Riley Caldwell
Bastien Compan
Letelba Neto
Mason McPherson
New comment 17d ago

Hey everybody. Within the next 2 days or so, I’ll be posting my entire Grand Slam Offer forged built entirely on the back of Alex Hormozi’s $100M Offers book. But I’ve got 1 question: Has anyone in here already constructed their Grand Slam Offer for their business? Could you comment it?



Micah Oladipo
Riley Caldwell
Graham Waite
Bryan Ang
Mason McPherson
New comment 17d ago
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    1 year ago i was making 2/3k per month selling online coaching and i applied hormozi book and made 20k in 30 days. The offer was a 2K offer helping french coaches generate 2000 euros and find their first or next high ticket client in the next 6 weeks guaranteed or they don't paid. (for the guarantee to work they must come to the coaching and do a certain amount of outbound activity/content creation per day). Many of them had already bought programs in the past and didn't get any result because they didn't received enough personalize attention and didn't applied what they learned. It worked great because i add 1to1 group coaching and accountability. So i just applied hormozi method and it worked for me

Hey everyone! I'm starting my YouTube channel from scratch. (Just upload first video) I'm looking for 3 people to create a mastermind. Purpose: accountability, help with titles, thumbnails, push each other. Together, we'll support each other, share experiences, and motivate each other to create even better content. If you are "starting" a YouTube (have some videos) or doing already and want to be a part of mastermind - leave a comment below! 🚀👇



Mario Bescu
Ashish Barui
Heidi Reagan
Bastien Compan
Basel Seido
New comment 26d ago

Great live event by Alex Hormozi for the $100M Leads Book launch. Anyone interested in putting a study group together to share our insights & lessons from reading & applying the new book & new course? Let me know. Thanks



Salim Albitar
Riley Caldwell
Craig Anderson
Tamer Yildirim
Bastien Compan
New comment 29d ago

I am planning to do a dopamine detox, what is your experience with this process ?



Jerry Travis
Jack Delehey
Luca Tchikhinachvili
Vlad Freimann
Matt C. Milne
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