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How does Instagram and TikTok algorithm works? I started uploading shorts on both platforms and YouTube as well.



I’ve just started creating shorts and uploading them on my YouTube channel. Do you think that if I first get views on my shorts and get people to know my channel, then I could start uploading whole videos, so my channel would be more successful?



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Hey Synthesizers, One of my YouTube videos got over 12k views. I talked about how to organize your life and a lot of people loved it. So decided to distill it into the most concise form to give you lots of value in less time. (3min read) You don't need to comment a "word" to access it. Here you go: 1/ Organize Your Mind: Before organizing your life, create order in your mind. What is taking up space in your mind? Write it down in a notebook. 2/ Clarify Your Priorities What are the highest priorities in your life? Mine are: - Faith - Health - Wisdom - Career Define what you value the most. This will direct your focus. 3/ Set Clear Goals Define your goals in: - 3 years  - 1 year - 90 days  - 30 days Example: - $1 million profit with my online business by 31.December 2026 - $100’000 profit by 31. December 2024 - $10’000 profit by 31. March 2024  - $1’000 profit by 31. January 2024  4/ Prepare For Obstacles Life will throw challenges at you, this is inevitable. Ask yourself: “What potential obstacles could I face?” Brainstorm potential obstacles. Be preemptive and strategize how you will overcome them. 5/ Define who you need to become The most effective strategy to achieve your goals is to change your identity. Ask yourself: “What kind of person do I need to become to effortlessly achieve my goals?” Define your new: - Beliefs - Habits  - Traits 6/ Time Allocation Identify your highest priority tasks. Ask yourself each day: “What's the one thing I can do to make everything else easier in achieving my goals?” Block out 3 hours in your calendar and do the main thing without distractions. Inspiration: The book "The One Thing" by Gary Keller. 7/ Optimize Your Energy Dial in your foundations for a high-energy life. - Good sleep - Clean diet - Daily exercise - Clear purpose - Good people These are the 80/20 of optimal energy, the rest is non-essential. 8/ Optimize Your Physical Environment Evaluate your physical environment.



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    Thank you for these valuable advice!

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    @Hamzah Salim I mostly found valuable organizing your mind and optimizing your energy.

Hi guys, I just started my YouTube channel about motivational videos and helping people become the best version of themselves. Does anyone know what is the best way to blow up and go viral?



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If anyone wants to take this exact plan and put it in their Google Calender that's fine by me and you will become hyper-productive. Let me share my Google Calendar and how I manage my daily schedule. I believe in setting specific rules for each section to maximize productivity and focus. For instance, during my focused work sessions, I ensure my phone is upstairs to minimize distractions. This simple rule has made a significant difference in my productivity. One crucial aspect of my planning is preparing for the next day's focused work blocks before going to bed. By having a clear plan of what I'll be working on, I can avoid wasting time pretending to work. Planning ahead allows me to jump right into the tasks without any unnecessary delays or decisions. To illustrate further, yesterday I dedicated an hour and a half to focused work in school-related tasks because I find it incredibly valuable. However, tomorrow, my focus might shift to a different area, and that's perfectly fine. The key is to adapt and allocate each block to a specific task or topic. If you leave a block labeled as 'workout,' you might end up spending 10 minutes deciding what exercise to do, and then you'll likely only half-heartedly complete it. To combat this, I recommend planning each workout session with a precise routine in mind. When you know exactly what you're doing in each block, you can fully commit and make the most out of your time. Of course, sometimes things happen that mean you have to change things but the point is you always know what you're doing and when these things outside of your control happen, you just get whatever it is done and get back to the schedule. For example, I see my friends sometimes as being social is incredibly important, I try and leave it for my day off but if there is some particular event or reason to see them on other days I'll weigh up whether it's worth attending or not and then write the day off. In summary, organizing my schedule with clear rules and specific plans for each block has significantly increased my productivity and effectiveness in managing my time. I encourage everyone to give this approach a try and see the positive impact it can have on your daily routine. I plan on staying on this schedule for at least a year. You can always change it as new things arise. A calenders not for life, it's not a dog haha.



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    I don’t think this week schedule is that productive. Work more.

What do you guys think about making YT videos only using Ai? Do you think it would be profitable?



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Hey guys, I’m Angel, and I am starting a ROI SMMA. I’ve made a whole plan, currently I’m learning till the end of June, and then I’m implementing everything I’ve learned. I hope I can get that 10k$/mo at the end of this year.



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