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When Will We Get The Membership Challange Reward ?
Does anyone know when will I get the 3 months free of skool, I completed the 10 paid members from that paid from the about section. My 14 days free trail expired and I don t have money to pay..
Dear Andrew Kirby..
This is a story so audacious, so over-the-top ridiculous, that it almost doesn't seem real. Heck even I'm still struggling to believe it's real, but for anyone with an open mind, here we go.. I first discovered Andrew in 2020. He was posting videos about productivity and self-help, and I found them incredibly valuable, so I stuck around and subscribed. But soon enough I realized he was selling a cohort program on beating procrastination. This immediately struck a chord with me, not just because it seemed like he could help me with my procrastination, but because he was someone, only about 2 years older than me, who was able to start a successful YouTube channel and launch a successful digital coaching product. To me, Andrew Kirby represented hope. Hope that I wasn't being a silly 19 year old, that young people my age could actually get success in the business space. So I ALSO started a procrastination business (lol). I marketted myself on Facebook and actually got my first few clients! (In my case I was providing less of a permanent solution to the problem, and more so direct accountability haha) However I soon realized the whole "coaching" space definitely wasn't for me. At this point in my life, I was feeling lost, and isolated. Then Andrew released his "Effortless Action Program", a $500 version of his procrastination program that was just a course. I immediately bought and devoured it. Although it wasn't what I was expecting, I was feeling unusually introspective and philosophical afterwards. Upon reflection, it became apparent I wasn't going after my true calling. I realized I was a filmmaker at heart, and it was time to make my inner child happy. With little money and resources, what better way to start, than to just start? I began making YouTube videos (Something I had already been doing as a kid/teenager for fun, it's really crazy It took me so long to understand where I should be working) I started a new channel, and let's just say my first few videos took some.. inspiration from Andrew's content😅
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Dear Andrew Kirby..
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What Landing Page Builder To Use ?
I want to start my own community and I am looking for a good Landing Page website to built it. Do you have any recommandations on what should I use? I can t use clickfunnels cause they are too expensive for me btw..
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@Aryan Pahwani Thanks man!
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@Jack Alderton Trying to explain in a more detailed way how this community will help them etc.Put multiple Buying buttons.And give extra info for people how are still not sure if they should buy
Free Youtube Mastermind + Accountability
Are you creating content consistently on Youtube and would like to grow your channel ? I would love to create a small group of youtube creators between 0 and 100k followers that mastermind once a week and help each others grow and stay accountable 😁 I have been running for a year a free mastermind for 6 figures online business owner and we all experienced so much value and growth from that group. So i believe, that a mastermind could benefits people that are serious about Youtube 🚀 I am looking for 5-10 people max that are already creating content weekly or just starting out. Comment "Go Youtube" if you are interested to join this free mastermind so we can connect and grow together
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Free Youtube Mastermind + Accountability
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go youtube
Landing Page Feedback
Hey guys, I was wondering for anyone that had time to offer feedback on the landing page for my new digital product. It's targeted at younger males in the self development niche. I've spent a few months on it ensuring it effectively achieves the transformation I am marketing it as. (it's basically exactly what I did) However, it is my first time making a landing page (and that type of copy) so I wanted to know how well I conveyed the value, or if it is lacking something. Appreciate anyone who has the time to help me gain insight!
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Hey Bro ! What Landing Page builder did you use ? I want to build my community and I don t know what to use!
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