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Design Thinking Workshop: 2 Hour training + Slide deck (FREE)
Hey there! My team and I just launched a 2-hour, step-by-step Design Thinking video + slide deck + resources, all for free! If you've ever wanted to run a Design Thinking session for your clients/team but didn't quite know how it should look, here you go! This video was super difficult and expensive to produce, so the only thing I ask is that if you find this useful, please share it, leave a comment (on youtube) or a like, or maybe... all of those things??? It helps us to know whether we should make more things like this or not. Enjoy the video! ----> Cheers, Jonathan
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@Cat Licavoli Super appreciate that Cat!
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@Juan Sebastian Elinan oh yeah, that too
How to charge more than everyone else for what you do
Hey Workshoppers, I just recorded this quickly as it's a common question we get in our communities. I talk about: *How to calculate your day-rate *How to double your day-rate *This mindset makes you less money
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@Talia Johnson YES thanks!
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@Elizabeth DiCandilo thanks!
What worked and what DIDN'T work at AJ&Smart in 2023
Hey Workshoppers! Not sure how many of you here are interested in the "business running" side of the whole facilitation game, but I've been running AJ&Smart for the past 13 years and I occasionally talk about how it's going on my podcast "The Unscheduled CEO". Yeah, another fucking podcast.... It's an unedited, chaotic, messy shit-show of a podcast that I only do as a sort of personal journal (which is why I rarely share it in AJ&Smart's marketing). BUT it could be interesting for you if you're interested in the behind-the-scenes of running a business like AJS. One of the most recent episodes I talk about what went well and what we really fucked up in 2023, might be a good starting point: You can get the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts (Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, whatever) And please please please don't expect anything polished, this is really a passion project :) Cheers, Jonathan
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@Sonja Sayer Thanks Sonja!
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@Gilmar Wendt thank YOU for listening!
Q&A calls paused for a now
Hey Workshoppers! Happy new year!! After a good, long holiday break, the AJ&Smart team and I have decided to pause doing the weekly Q&A calls in this community. Though we LOOOOVE doing them and they've been super fun, we're just too small of a team to keep up the call schedule here and the more intense call schedule in our Workshopper Master community. Over the last few months we've slowly increased the amount of calls we do in that community (practice sessions, marketing sessions etc) and we've simply run out of people in AJ&Smart who are not already in coaching sessions or doing client work! We're going to now rethink how we can still bring some free "live" value to the FC community while also making sure we don't stretch ourselves too thin. We'll still be contributing and moderating this community though, so looking forward to continuing our chats here. Cheers, Jonathan
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@Jennie Shiu thanks jennie!
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@Marte Kjørstad thats sweet of you to say! Yeah we sometimes take on very ambitious schedules and realise later that they are maybe not very healthy to sustain. The reason tbh is we're all so passionate that everybody WANTS to push super hard, but it's my job to make sure we're still all passionate 2,3, 5 years from now :D
Q&A Call Recording - December 12th 2023
Hey everyone, here’s the call recording from Tuesday’s session with @Rebecca Courtney and @Tim Höfer Big topics for this week: - How to approach a big organizational transformation project in a short workshop - How to organize a fun, engaging workshop showing the value of creativity and collaboration for gifted schoolchildren - What experiences does the community have about collaboration vs competition between agencies working for the same clients Enjoy the session!
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@Tim Höfer nice to see you on a call!
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