Here's why you never finish anything (voicenote)
Hey Workshoppers!
Many (if not most) entrepreneurs are Starters.
They're good at kicking things off, setting a vision, and giving something the first big push.
But, like me, those that are good at Starting things, aren't always great at Finishing things.
Once the initial burst of excitement wears off, or a new, more fun, more shiny thing appears, they tend to Start something new VS Finishing the first thing.
The latest episode of our Unscheduled CEO podcast goes into why it's sometimes pointless to try fixing this problem (because it's hard coded) and what to do instead!
It's more of a short voicenote than an actual episode.
You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or directly in the browser on Substack
Hope this helps you Starters in the group!
Jonathan Courtney
Here's why you never finish anything (voicenote)
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