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Ibrahim Alabdo
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Bio: Growth Consultant
Gabrielle Mehlman
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Bio: Currently a Sr. UX Designer at Amazon, planning to go full-time freelance soon with a focus on workshops!
Romina Pons
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Bio: Agent of chaos
Luanda Iwai
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Bio: I love collaboration, learning and co-creation in all aspects of life.
André Bergsma
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Bio: Owner Massoeba | Accelerating projects with 10+ years experience in entrepreneurship education, delivering faster, better, and cost-effective results.
Thomas Courtney Trevisan
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Bio: just a silly guy.
Jj Cassa
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Bio: Facilitator/Coach/Workshopper always learning to improve my skills in helping teams collaborate to solve tough problems.
Max Mendez
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Bio: I’m an Arts Administrator living in the United States.
Claudio Toyama
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Bio: Executive coach and Leadership Development facilitator
Imogen Bond
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Myrna Begnel
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Bio: I help teams make sense out of complex problems by understanding the depth and breadth of a system, so they move forward and get predictable results.
Kev Couling
Stroud, UK
• Active 1d ago
Bio: Hey, I'm Kev. I've spent nearly 20 years building expertise in the field of carbon management. I've done some of this but want to do more!
Peter Magpantay
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Bio: I believe in perpetual learning
Iwona Wilson
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Bio: Framing Facilitator
Susan Trachsel
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Bio: I live in a beautiful town in a beautiful state with a beautiful family. My motto in life is to be kind.
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Jonathan Courtney
I'm the CEO of AJ&Smart, a company that helps other companies with their product strategy
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Joined Jul 14, 2020

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