The AJ&Smart Summer Sale is LIVE 🟢
Hey everyone,
Big news!!! 👇
The official AJ&Smart Summer Sale is now LIVE!
We always try and do something extra special for our Summer Sale, and we’re VERY proud of this one:
We’re offering a massive 70% off the Design Sprint Masterclass, AND throwing in 5 incredible bonuses.
I won’t blab on about all the details here, because we made a video about the offer (attached to this post) which explains exactly what’s included, and you can head over here to this page where you can see the offer in-detail, but quickly:
Until tomorrow (Friday May 17th) at midnight CEST, you can get the Design Sprint Masterclass for just €597 (the normal price is €1,997) AND you’ll get 5 amazing bonuses worth €11,160 thrown in for a grand total of €0! (or in other words, free!)
One of these bonuses is a killer, BRAND NEW 9+ hour training from Jake Knapp, where he teaches the updated, 2024 version of the Design Sprint, including all of the updates, improvements and modifications he’s made over the years. If you’re currently running Sprints, or plan to in the future, then you definitely want to be getting your hands on this!
Head over here to learn more about the offer, and the bonuses! >>>
And if you ALREADY have our Design Sprint Masterclass then don’t worry! We also have something amazing for you. Just DM and he’ll sort you out with a verrrry nice deal! 😉
Myself and the AJ&Smart team are VERY excited about this!
P.S. It's ALSO Pierce Brosnan’s birthday today - way too much excitement packed into one day!?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIERCE!
Rebecca Courtney
The AJ&Smart Summer Sale is LIVE 🟢
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