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🔴 Live Info Session Today: Our new In-Person Training (USA and EU)
Hey everyone! In just a few hours I'll be going live on Zoom to take you behind the scenes of our new 2024 Facilitation training called "Full Stack Facilitator". In this live call I'll be showing you exactly what we're going to be teaching in the 2024 sessions and answering everyone's questions. I think it'll be a fun session! It's happening in just 3 hours, so if you want to join, just register here and I'll see you soon! Cheers, Jonathan
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Sometime, small details change everything 😮
Last Friday, our R(emote) Generation event went in a totally different dimension joining Miro top user program 🔥 This new badge will recognise and reward our engagement, bringing both credibility and visibility to our monthly Creators events ✨ 😀 Miro rookies or Miro heroes ? Don't be shy and join us to launch and celebrate 2024 remote revolution on February 1st from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM CET 🎟️ Registration :
‼️ Special Event: My Journey from Teacher to High-Paid Facilitator - Join me this Wednesday!
Hellllo Facilitators 👋 I have something exciting for you! This Wednesday, December 13th at 4pm-6pm CET, I'm hosting a special one-off event (if you don't want to read further, register for the event here). I'll be sharing my personal journey, telling you exactly how I went from being an overworked school teacher to a high-paid, confident Facilitator, in just 90-days! I very often get asked about how exactly I made this transformation, and in this free 2-hour training I'm going to share everything! Here's what you'll learn 👇 ⭐ My 90-day transformation: I'll share the exact steps I took to transition from a school teacher to a successful Facilitator in just 90 days. ⭐ The 3 key secrets to building a Facilitation career: I'll reveal the three critical things that made it possible for me to confidently make this huge career-change in such a short amount of time. ⭐ How to transform your career in 2024: I'll share why mastering Facilitation skills is a GAME-CHANGER for your career in 2024, regardless of whether you're in a job you love, or want to have a total career-change like I did. This session is more than just a personal story; it's a roadmap for anyone looking to make a significant career shift! This is a brand new training that I've never hosted before. It's your chance to get inspired, learn practical strategies, and see how Facilitation can transform your career in 2024! Click here to register. Can't wait to see you there 😍
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🚨 Our last Q&A call of 2023 + Christmas break 🎄
Hey Facilitators! 👋 As we're getting close to the end of the year, I wanted to let you know about our call schedule for the coming weeks, and when we're "closing" for the holidays. Tomorrow (December 19th), we have our regular Coaching Call at 4pm CET. After that, we'll be taking a break from calls for the holidays, with calls resuming on January 9th (the first coaching call of the year is January 9th 2024 at 4pm CET). We'll also be slow to respond in the community between December 22nd and January 3rd, BUT we'd urge you to keep using the community over the holidays to connect with your fellow Facilitators 💛 We've really enjoyed getting to know you all this year - thanks for making this community so amazing. Happy Holidays from all of here at AJ&Smart! 🤗
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Remote 3.2 : Innovate Faster, Facilitate Smarter
🥳 Good news facilitators, Nina & I are back for one more Miro exclusive Remote event ! Remote 3.2 will help you to connect around template design process with the “3C” proofed methodology combining Context, Content & Creation. Lead by this interactive time will provide the latest R SPRINT system tools to help you design the perfect template 🥰 Joined us on Monday, Nov. 20th from 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM GMT 🎟️ Registration is free and it’s here
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