We're giving away Instagram Audits!
The most critical thing when it comes to building a high-status social circle is a great Instagram page.
If you don't have a good profile, then you (quite literally) do not exist.
People will be creeped out by you the moment they land on your page.
Don't be that guy.
Have a profile where people continue scrolling and want to meet you because of the access you show.
Sounds simple, but the tricky part with Instagram is the nuances.
You should be showing access to scarce resources, but don't brag.
You should act like a cool guy but not look like a tool.
It's enough to make your head spin.
But that's why we do Instagram Audits with every new Member of Men of Action, and it's why we're giving them away for free just being part of this group.
All audits are done by MOA coaches who are vetted personally by Michael, each having a minimum of two years in the program.
In the audit, we will give the personal feedback you need to build an incredible profile that matches your goals.
And it's completely free!
All you have to do is reach level 2 by getting five likes on your comments and posts here in Skool.
When you reach level 2, the link to request your audit will unlock in the courses section here:
So make posts, comment on others, and engage in the community to unlock your free audit!
Grant Jordan
We're giving away Instagram Audits!
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