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$5000 Halfway to Halloween Competition at Marquee
Gentlemen, Tao Group has contacted me and asked me to bring a lot of very attractive women to compete in the $5000 costume competition, Halfway to Halloween party at Marquee nightclub on June 30. Here is the invite I’m using, please make sure yours looks different than mine: $5,000 💰 Halfway to Halloween costume contest 👻 🦸🏼‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧝🏼‍♀️ at @MarqueeLV Sun, Jun 30 🥇$3,000 🥈$1,500 🥉$500 Would you or someone you know like to compete? 💵🏆 I’ve also attached the photos I’m sending. If you have someone who wants to compete, please have them contact me on Instagram.
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$5000 Halfway to Halloween Competition at Marquee
Instagram deleted my account
I started posting some pictures on my instagram and was hoping to upload more but out of nowhere, it got permanently deleted by IG. I couldn't find out how to fix this problem. I am afraid it will happen again when I attempt to make another one. That set me back a whole lot. Why would this happen and what can I do to prevent it?
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What to do when you bring out 10+ girls
In Boston the clubs close at 2am, so you have from 11:30 once all the girls get checked into the table and people start ordering bottles to about 1:30am before people start leaving to create content and network with everyone. For me personally, I’ve found a higher response rate from girls when they see other girls following me or girls they know in my videos. So I try to fit as many new girls in my videos when I make them as possible. When you get to the table, try and get a group picture with all the girls you brought so you can post it. Do that consistently and the club will know you as the dude who brings all the girls. For this job, the more preselection the better From 11:30-12:30, all the girls are mostly still at the table since all the bottles are being ordered. So get as much content as you can early on while the girls are still at the table. Once it gets to around 1am or later, tone down the content creating and network with as many guys and girls as possible. Make sure you’re never in one place for more than 5 minutes so your social state always stays elevated When you’re doing selfie videos for your IG stories, use the Snapchat filter “Airy Autumn” first in Snapchat then save the video so you can post it to instagram and use in videos later if you want. It smooths everything out and makes the girls look amazing. Girls always repost when I take videos of them with that filter. Thanks to @Michael Sartain for showing me this recently For SELFIE Videos: You want the camera to be BOOBS up for the girls and you so there is no chin fat in the video and all the girls look good For group shots, you want to camera to be eye level Here's the link to the clip on ringlight I use when I'm out making content. It adds so much light to your videos and photos and everyone wants you to take their picture once they see you take a video of a couple girls with it:
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Events you’re all welcome to go to (and why you SHOULD go)
If you haven’t been to one of the events Michael hosts or collaborates on – Babes In Toyland, Teatro, Swimsuit USA, etc. in cities like Las Vegas, Miami, LA — you should REALLY consider going. Two reasons … REASON #1 - IT’S EASY TO GET PRE-SELECTION CONTENT. As you know (if you’ve studied evolutionary psychology or listened to Michael for any length of time), compliance from amazing women is one of the most POWERFUL attractors of other women. When you see MOA members – Michael included – posing on the red carpet with an absolute bombshell in a barely-there gown or a bikini, let me let you in on a little secret – USUALLY IT’S A WOMAN WE HAVE JUST MET. Our FIRST interaction with them was to invite them to pose for pictures with them! Some of the most attractive women in the WORLD come to these events. And guess what? They’re there to walk the red carpet and get their picture taken. As MUCH as possible. If you ask a group of stunners to pose with you on the red carpet for the cameras, they will almost ALWAYS say yes. They’ll also almost CERTAINLY give you their Instagram so you can tag them later. And then you have a bunch of stunning women’s Instagrams. Once the pictures are ready, they’re there to stay on YOUR Instagram — you in a suit, posing on a classy red carpet with some absolute DIMES showing you compliance. That’s reason number one … now … REASON #2 - MEET THE TRIBE. Walk up to the MOA members you recognize from Michael’s content and say hi! We want to meet you. You’ll see just how strong and supportive the MOA community of men can be. Check the “Calendar” tab above to see when the next event is and see if you can swing it. Hope to see you there!
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Battle ready
I make my life hard during easy times so it is easy during hard times…
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