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Status Accelerator Call is happening in 42 hours
Status trumps EVERYTHING
You aren't too short You aren't too ugly You are not working too much to get the girl you want to commit to you. You are too low status for her... If you read the post here and can understand that you need to do the best you can in all the areas you have control over (not being fat or socially uncalibrated). However, the most important metric you can leverage as a man is and always will be STATUS...
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I met my wife through cold approach daygame
Just sharing that I met my wife of 2 years now, and gf before that for 6 years, 8 years total now, through daygame in the UK. And now we have a 1 year old son together. Met in a shopping centre, Westfields. Went on an instant date. Swapped numbers. Went on several dates while still dating other girls for a year. Then after a year decided to make her my gf. Hope to add some value to the other guys who’d like that to happen for them at some point too so feel free to ask me anything. Good luck gents.
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Quick I need a doctor!
I am curious what the juicy insides of travel nurses being 304s looks like. I have heard som stories myself about travel nurses haing multiple boyfriends they see in rotation or tons of fuck buddies in every area they work. I have heard stories of many young girls getting ran through by old doctors (18-22F w +50M). A friend of mine wants to become a urologist so she can fondle old dudes and check their prostates... I want to know the nasty worst stories you've ever heard so we can have it on record that travel nurse are for the streets and why.
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How did you meet your last significant other?
Was it through friends, work, dating apps, events, etc etc etc?
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Should men ask a woman to be his girlfriend?
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