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Weekly goals (15 July 2024)
(I think it was useful, at least for me, so why not keep going?) Let's publicly declare our goals for the next week, and get some accountability from the group. This may be the ultimate accountability hack (I'll check on everyone by the end of the week).
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Weekly goals
What are your goals for the coming week? Let’s list them here and check in each other by the end of the week…
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Is this instagram worthy?
Just cleaned my shed, greased my hair back, and put a Tesla coil on my go cart. I live in a gated trailer park, does this display access to exclusive locations and scarce resources? I mean who else has a friggin Tesla coil on their go cart? *edited for spelling mistakes, lost my glasses. Someone was using them to light cigarettes in the sun...
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Is this instagram worthy?
What do you guys currently struggle the most with in life?
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The 3 Ways to Be More Confident
“Just be confident!” “It doesn’t matter if you’re short, broke, or barely speak the language. Just BE CONFIDENT and people will love you!” Easier said than done, right? People give this advice like it’s actionable. “Oh wait … be CONFIDENT?! Why didn’t I think of that! I mean, I’ve only been told the same thing ten million times, but now it finally sunk in! Problem solved!” Like you can summon confidence with a snap of the finger after a lifetime of having it beaten out of you. So many guys ask me “Michael, how can I become more confident?” Think of it this way … did you lack confidence on the playground as a child? Or did you run up to whatever kid was nearby and invite them to play with you? None of us are BORN with a lack of confidence. Our natural confidence just gets covered up by: 1. Lack of gratitude. 2. Lack of present-moment awareness. 3. Comparing ourselves to others. So if you lack confidence, how can you become MORE confident? Three ways that I have seen … PLAN A: BE A DELUSIONAL NARCISSIST. You know the guy (or girl). No matter how much they fail, no matter how incompetent they are, they think they’re the shit. Nothing can dissuade them from the notion that they’re the shit. And what do you know … more often than not, despite their delusion, things seem to go their way! That’s the power of confidence. Of course, most of us can’t just tap into that kind of delusion – it grows over time. So we’re left with … PLAN B: BECOME COMPETENT. Forget about confidence and get really good at something. Something useful. Something attractive. Doesn’t matter if it’s marketing, cold approach, coding, dancing, sports, martial arts, music … practice practice practice, become REALLY GOOD at something, and confidence will naturally follow. PLAN C: PRACTICE GRATITUDE AND PRESENT-MOMENT AWARENESS. You should implement this plan anyway. Stop comparing yourself to others and find things to be grateful for every day. It doesn’t matter if your life isn’t everything you wanted it to be. I learned to practice gratitude in an Air Force base in Afghanistan when my life was FAR from what it is today. Remember, most of the world lives on less than $1 a day. If you have food, shelter, clean clothes, and a few bucks in your pocket, that’s a start. Start there!
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