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Constructing my life from absolute chaos
Sup guys! I had a time where shit hit the fan and made me want to get my act together like nothing else ever did with lot's of opportunities. Nevertheless I didn't have any proper support from the outside to keep it going, so I got lost again. I am pretty pumped that there's a community like this here which is focused on getting it together as a whole. So I'm pretty pumped to be with you guys. I'm currently in Athens Greece, awaiting for your comments
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Introducing Myself
Hello everyone! I am a semi-retired mid 40's guy, splitting my time between Orange County, CA and the mountain west, who just heard of this community/course from a young man that I am mentoring. Looking forward to learning! I have a couple questions: 1. I do not have an instagram. I do have facebook though(not used often). Should I try and build an instagram from scratch or use my Facebook profile? 2.Are there any other community members in the OC area (LA or Vegas too as I am in these places often) or the Boise, ID metro area?
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Photoshoot event Bali🌴
Hey guys, I'm starting to organize photoshoot event in Bali (first week of May) and I'm looking to connect with people who have done such events in Bali in the past or are there and want to join. I've already secured an aesthetic villa (mediterranean style) and just started building database of models and photographers. I've been focusing on branding my IG account (salah.gourhzifen) and got some great results already with cold DMs and local social circle, I organized dinner events and small activities events but never organized a photoshooting event before, now I'm traveling to Bali (the land of content creators!) so it's an amazing opportunity to start, and I don't want to miss it Let's get in touch I'll be happy to connect with you guys!
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Hi all, I'm Darren from Singapore! 27 year old with high functioning autism, never really had any success so far in building a social network due to crippling fears about what others think about me and the lack of financial stability. Looking forward to working with everyone here! Anyone from Singapore here, or at least living in Singapore for the long haul?
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Meet Michael's Success Coaches (Incredible Transformations)
I want to introduce some of Michael's success coaches! 🎉 These are guys who started out exactly like everyone else in the forum, followed Michael's coaching, and saw tremendous results implementing what Michael has taught them through Men of Action! If you still have questions after diving through the forum, watching the coaching content in the classroom, and asking Michael questions on the FREE Monday MOA calls, use these guys as an incredible resource on the forum. You might have noticed them inputting their years of experience into answering your questions already! @Luke Chase IG📸: @Karim Gonzalez IG📸: @John Hindley IG📸: @Casey Herzog IG📸: @Anthony DiRico IG📸: @Jonathan Ortiz IG📸: @Nathan Kardos IG📸: 💪
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