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The Money Mondays with Dan Fleyshman
I talk about Dan Fleyshman a lot in MOA, so I was honored when he asked me on his podcast this week.
Deven Autar
Gabe Saenz
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Call With Bilzerian
For those of you who join Men of Action in the next 48 hours and you will be able to join us for a group mentoring session with Dan Bilzerian Tuesday at 4 PM PST.
Late Start: Monday MOA Group Coaching
This Monday’s free MOA group coaching may start up to an hour later due to my interview with Hoe Math prior. Between 4-5pm PST. You are all heavily encouraged to bring your friends to join us on the call.
Soscast Interview
Stirling Cooper, Maya Allegra, Rollo Tomassi and myself will be appearing on Soscast today at 1 PM PST, 4 PM EST. Watch Soscast here:
Danza Project Interview
Rollo and I will be appearing on the Danza Project tonight at 6:30 PM PST, 9:30 PM EST Watch the live stream here:
John Rogalsky
Oscar Antonino
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Debate on PWF Tonight
Gentlemen, Please join us for a live stream debate in PWF this evening. 5pm PST, 8pm EST.
103. Rich Somers - The Michael Sartain Podcast
If you guys are considering real estate, you need to watch this.
102. MOA Team: Grant Jordan, Miguel Colon, Tyler Schoenick, Char Modelle - Michael Sartain Podcast
A two and a half hour interview I did with the team from Men of Action.
Jonathan Lau
Alex Katsanos
Jared Murphy
Clan T
New comment Oct 22
Instead of a book recommendation, let me recommend a show that 100% would get canceled today. David Duchovny basically plays himself, a sex addict who’s in love with every woman he meets and women are constantly throwing themselves at him. If you guys are having trouble with the concept of “breaking rapport” and “not qualifying yourself” then I highly recommend this show. (You might also notice the black t shirt)
Facundo Winat
Gabe Saenz
Luis Lam
Alex Katsanos
Giorgi M
New comment Oct 20
What love is movie review
ANNNDD CANCEL (a quote by Michael Sartain) Movie review 🍿🎥 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ I was pretty spectacle watching this movie last night like most of the early 2000s movies of a rom com or feel good type of movies, but after watching this movie was the total opposite I didn’t expect this movie to be ahead of its times, and if this movies was to be released in the 2023 in theaters it’s would love by men and hated by women and it would be part of the cancel culture, because it drops some deep level truths that would offend most people in 2023. There are red pill moments throughout the movie and some little but not to much blue pill moments at the end, it’s is Barbie movie for men I highly recommend of watching it… lastly Matthew Lillard give his best performance in this film overall it’s a 8/10 his character is most interesting @Michael Sartain I think you would actually enjoy this one instead of the Barbie. I might be wrong but watch you regret it😎👍
Michael Sartain
New comment Oct 16
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I’ll put this on the list
This is What MOA Looks Like On The Inside
Black Tape Project is performing at Babes in Toyland in LA tonight.
Deven Autar
Sumedhan Ramesh
Nick Smith
Michael Sartain
New comment Oct 15
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@Sumedhan Ramesh the girls apply their own tape to their vagina.
Doing events for money
@Michael Sartain when you said events should not be done for money, what specifically did you mean? It's virtually impossible to throw a large event (starting at 100 people audience) with 0 budget. I am not talking about private photoshoots where interests of donors are aligned and you operate through value arbitrage. I am talking about events where you would need to hire bouncers and security, pay bartenders and other hourly staff. Now, this budget can come from the organizer, from alcohol sales, ticket sales etc - isn't that doing events for money? Additionally I do not see anything wrong with finding a sponsor who is willing to spend money on such event and has a good reason to do so. Isn't it a win win for everyone? Thanks.
Michael Sartain
Eugene Kremleff
New comment Oct 11
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I don’t throw any events anymore. What I do is find other people who are throwing events and I take care of the video coverage and I invite women. That costs me zero dollars but I get 100% of the benefit just the same as if I threw the event.
How Do I ask questions on the free call?
I am planning on joining the free MOA Group Coaching call tomorrow for my first time. Once I get in the Zoom call through the Zoom link, how do I raise my hand on YouTube or Zoom or whatever in there to ask @Michael Sartain some questions on the live call? I have never done this before and have no idea what I’m doing for these live calls, but I want to ask Michael some questions live. Thanks 🙏🏼
Michael Sartain
Don Juan
Ty Buchanan
Maxime Cote
New comment Oct 8
3 likes • Sep 25
Just jump on the call and ask a question. It’s really that simple.
Interview with Pink Pill Podcast
This interview is going to trigger some of you
Facundo Winat
New comment Oct 7
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