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Apple-Apple-Tampon comedy example (steal this joke)
If you only know Daniel Tosh from “Tosh.0,” do yourself a favor and look up his standup. He’s a force of nature. When we discuss how you can become more funny, I talk a lot about “Apple-Apple-Tampon” – the perfect setup for a rapport-breaking joke. Apple – something normal. Apple – something else normal. Tampon – something completely out of left field. There’s a GREAT example of this joke setup in the second Daniel Tosh special. A super concise one, too. Here’s the joke: “People assume I’m some bleeding-heart liberal! What?! I’m conservative in nearly every way it counts. I hate the poor!” See what he did there? Apple – protests his political beliefs being misinterpreted. Normal. Apple – asserts his TRUE political beliefs (conservative). Normal. Tampon – proudly asserts something that NO actual conservative would ever say (at least not with a straight face), but which fits the liberal stereotype of a conservative. Uproarious laughter. Honestly, you could probably just steal this joke and pull it out of nowhere for a group of girls, ESPECIALLY more liberal girls. They’ll think it’s hilarious … and 99.99% of them will NOT have seen the Tosh special, so they won’t know you’re ripping him off. Watch Tosh. Repeatedly. Take notes.
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BREAKING NEWS – Michael Sartain recommends that men binge-watch more Netflix
I know, I know … who am I, and what have I done with Michael Sartain? Rest assured, though, I’m not just talking about ANY Netflix keep your guilty pleasures if you must — your “Stranger Things,” your “Bridgerton,” your “Great British Baking Show.” Those shows won’t really HELP you, but we all need to blow off steam. Remember, in addition to running a coaching program, hosting two podcasts, and emcee’ing bikini competitions, I ALSO play video games and watch sports. Everything in moderation! But there actually IS some seemingly frivolous content that I DO want you to watch more of, that actually WILL help you. And that is COMEDY. “Michael, how do I get people to like me?” One of the easiest ways is to make them laugh. So just be more funny. When I say that, most guys look at me like I’m telling them to grow a second dick. “Be more funny??” Aren’t you either funny or you aren’t? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Comedy is a muscle, just like any other. If I were to tell you to “Be more muscular” (which you KNOW will help you attract women), it might be a tall order. If you’re overweight or rail-thin, you can’t flick a switch. It won’t happen overnight … … but there’s a PATH FORWARD. Change your diet. Go to the gym. Put in the reps. SO MUCH of success as a man is about putting in the reps. With becoming more funny, the reps are WATCHING COMEDY. Yes, it’s fun. Yes, you’ll laugh and be entertained. Invite friends over and watch it together! But also, take notes. Watch the same shows and specials again and again. Start to notice how comedians build jokes and set up punchlines. My two favorite suggestions are Daniel Tosh and Dave Chappell. Their brand of comedy leans heavily on “breaking of rapport” – e.g. apple-apple-tampon – which in my experience is the most effective way to make high-status people and beautiful women laugh. Again, it won’t happen overnight. But gradually, through repeated exposure, you will begin to recognize similar joke setups in real life, know how to exploit them, and pull absolute gut-busters out of thin air. Have an LMFAO response to EVERYTHING that everyone says. To others it will look like magic.
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RULE #6 – NO ONE needs to know who you’re fucking
Okay, I got a little click-baity there. Actually, the rule is “We don’t qualify ourselves to ANYONE.” No one has the right to know who you’re fucking. No one has the right to know how much money you have. So don’t tell them. Be cheeky and evasive. Let the curiosity drive them insane. But we NEVER brag about how legit we are. That just makes you look like a try-hard loser. It makes 1000x more impact if people just find out for themselves. Instead, we let them brag to US. We let them qualify themselves to US. We let them try to win OUR approval. THAT’S how you know who has the most status in the room. It’s not who’s wealthier than who. It’s not who’s fucking who. It’s who’s QUALIFYING THEMSELVES to who. Who do you know that tries too hard and qualifies themselves?
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RULE #5 – We DON’T talk about people behind their backs
There's a party going on in your city RIGHT NOW. All the coolest guys are there, every GORGEOUS woman that you would chew through your own ankle for a chance to date. They're all there ...... and you're not invited. But they WOULD invite you ... as long as they know you're not a HATER. Nothing ruins a high-status bacchanal like a hater. So we NEVER talk about people behind their backs.Not even when you KNOW they’re acting badly. There's no such thing as a perfect mentor. You don't have to look hard to find things to nitpick about high-status men. Deficiencies or character flaws that you can harp on to feel morally superior, to justify to yourself why YOU don't have their status and feel better about your own comparative "loserdom". But for those of us who actually WANT high status (rather than just complain about how some people have it made) ...... We don't HATE on people who are above us. We LEARN from them. How can you implement this rule in your life?
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RULE #4 – Social media is fake, and I’m okay with that
Okay, so social media is fake … Do you think that makes you a better person for avoiding it? It doesn’t. It just makes you a POORER person. A LESS RELEVANT person. It makes you sound like an old dog who doesn’t want to learn new tricks because it seems like too much work. Or because you’re afraid you’ll fail. Remember, we’re not social media CONSUMERS … we’re social media PRODUCERS. Social media is fake … but the MONEY is real. The WOMEN are real. So if you like those sorts of things (money and women), get off your high horse and get on Instagram. Comment below how you got over your “Social Media Phobia”
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