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My Introduction
I've been working in the food industry for many years. Currently in Chicago working as a line cook at a fancy restaurant. Signed up for the MOA mentorship program last year when I was trying to sell solar and finally opened an IG. Selling solar was very difficult and maybe I will talk about my tenure, it wasn't a waste of time. Also recently made a couple female friends although one I think wants to BF me up (it's rare to find an attractive guy that can cook one of the very few side benefits of being in the industry). I will be more active in this group. I only have one picture on my IG but I will hit at least 5 this year. My biggest challenge is juggling work, a business, and trying to develop a personal brand. The biggest reason why I haven't been on social media is just too busy and I didn't want to dilute myself. I've been to different parts of the world and I do have pictures, just didn't want to post them up.
New comment Jan 22
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I'm not sure where to put this so here goes: I've been uploading more in IG , posting stories as well as pics of me in a high profile charity event. Been job searching and frankly that hasn't been too good. Also still in school and will be done in April. I'm studying quantum computing. I'm also going to run 100 miles in honor of somebody I knew and will upload it to youtube. Just overall 2023 has been rocky. If I only had to do one thing that would GREATLY help me out it would be to get hired.
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@Mike Beloff I can't believe this was only about 6 months ago. I won't say I'm in a better place but I still had some wins. Kept on updating my IG, kept making money. Wernt back to schoolk too.
A buddy i knew for nearly 10 years died and I'm running 100 miles in honor og him
I found out 2 weeks ago that a buddy I knew for nearly a decade died 2 years ago. I'm going to run 100 miles in honor of him and upload it on youtube. Happiest person you would ever meet. I'm currently at 64 miles. Will then link the video to my IG to drive traffic. Depending on how everything goes might do more videos of running 100 miles.
New comment Dec '23
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@Quanahz Adams I have good days and bad days just like anybody else. It's hard juggling so many things right now.
Quit porn 🟧⬛️
If you’re struggling with gratification when you achieve a new goal whether it’s businesses, fitness, going out with friends enjoying the finer things in life or even the basics things… Porn is definitely a kill joy for life greatest pleasures.
New comment Apr 9
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I agree man. Something about watching another man F a girl is cuckish.
Andy Frisella's Reading List
New comment Sep '23
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@Fabian Dourando The Magic of Thinking Big and 10X Rule. When you read these mindset books young the ROI helps you out as you get older. Especially when you grow up with family that are satisfied with life and don't want to aspire to much. I do want to get How To Set-Up Your Business For Under $1000 next.
Hey guys I'm from the Portland area I'm going to a breakup right now it's really hard on me I lost everything most contemplating suicide at one point it's embarrassing to talk about I made a friend the same day he's one of the members on here I'm really trying to find myself I really want to succeed financially mentally and spiritually inside within we hold the torch that runs who we are as men
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I have time to talk this weekend if you just want to talk about it. This community has been great to me, lots of great guys here.
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