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Y Eau de Parfum Yves Saints Laurent review.
If you’re looking for a masculine smell for the summer☀️ this one is it, it’s an Aromatic fragrance for men perfect for every day occasions it works well for days☀️ and nights🌙 and you can wear this all year long it works well in the Spring 🍃, summer☀️, fall🍁 and winter ❄️ it definitely has a bit more of a freshness side to it and a woody smell to it as well I would definitely say the smell does stick more on the clothes and a little bit on the skin the projection is a above to mid-range but it does tends to die down throughout the day. The longevity it up to 5-6 hours it’s a good cologne but if you want to push the projection above mid-range where people can smell you, I recommend 8-10 sprays... You can wear this at the office 👔, school,📚 dates💘 and gym 🏋️‍♂️ like I said it’s an everyday occasion but I would give this fragrance an 7.8/10 it would’ve been a 8.5 if the projection would’ve been push out a bit more, buts it’s a definitely a good fragrance that does give out a masculine smell to it and worth the buy for the summer in my opinion. If you want to give it a try before you buy, I will always leave a link for you guys to check out. Finale review: 7.8/10
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@Ilias Filippou 😎👍
Mancera Oud lemon mint review
Now this will make your presence known when you walk into any building it is fresh, spicy, woody, fruity and no it’s not minty but I will say it’s definitely a sexy fragrance for the hot summer, and it works soo well in the hot weather because when it’s hot it pushes the projection way more out there think of it this way this fragrance knows how to control the room. Because that how strong it is and you don’t even need that many sprays at most 3 to 4 sprays It’s quite unique, to the point I would say it’s worth the gate keep because you want to stand out from the crowd, I actually had a guy from the gym asked me what fragrance was i wearing? I told him “ a friend of mine gave me a travel size sprayer with no label on it.” That’s how I’m willing to gate keep this fragrance The longevity lasted up to 12 hours if not more. You can where this at anytime when you’re out in the summer and to me I’ll give this fragrance a 9/10 but I will say don’t blind buy this because of the strong scent but sadly scent split doesn’t have this fragrance In there collection to try out some sample size fragrances but it’s does have a few others mancera fragrances if you wanna check them out but all in all this is worth having in your collection. Final review: 9/10
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@Ian Kensington I like my present to known😎 but also I live in high heat weather so yea it does me favors for me lol
MEN OF ACTION STEP 2 – Build a Hot List IG Profiles
Keep the list on a spreadsheet with links to their IG so you can open them quickly. If you want extra credit, keep track of their hotness, whether or not they like to party, whether or not they have tattoos or if they’re more conservative. You’ll thank yourself later. How do you start building this list? Look for local boudoir photographers—they usually tag their models. Check the IG location tags of the hot clubs and restaurants. When you find girls’ profiles, look for group shots of multiple girls and check the other girls out. Double-check that she’s local. She may announce it in her bio or tag herself around town. Check her tagged photos, too. If she doesn’t tag herself around town, others might. How many people do you have on your list?
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Currently one so far
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@Brian Morris thanks my man I appreciate the motivation 🙏
New Leaderboard Unlocks
We’ve added new bonuses for ranking up on the leaderboard! - Members of level 7 unlock a free 1-1 call with Michael Sartain - Members of level 8 unlock a free Vegas Immersion Bootcamp spot To achieve high rankings in Skool you need to make valuable posts and thoughtful comments to receive likes. The more likes your content generates, the faster you will level up. These are some huge unlocks. I'm excited to get to know the first person who gets a free spot at Vegas Immersion!
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@Michael Sartain 😂
Gisada Ambassador eau de perfume review
Man what can say about this cologne because this is definitely a must buy!!! And that every man should have this in his collection because This definitely hits hard during the summer time and its freshly, tropical and fruity, and this would be definitely be my signature scent during the summer time, and its has a sexy masculine type of smell too as well and you will definitely stand out from all the others designer cologne that most people wear, for me it definitely lingers in the air and the projection does pushes approve moderate it works so well during the gold hour and at night time and this type of cologne isn’t in your face but like I said it definitely lingers I think you should wear this when you’re out clubbing or going to events and date nights. And quick side note is that when I took a shower and came out I can still smell it on me afterwards!!! And I did wear this going to gym to test it out and the smell still stayed so this cologne is a 10/10, the projection is a 10/10, longevity 10/10 and it will last up to 12 hours and you will only need 5-8 spray and it definitely worth the buy. So go out and get it!!! Final review: 10/10
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@Ty Buchanan let me how you like it 😎👍
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@Brian Morris forreal 😎
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