My Introduction
I've been working in the food industry for many years. Currently in Chicago working as a line cook at a fancy restaurant.
Signed up for the MOA mentorship program last year when I was trying to sell solar and finally opened an IG. Selling solar was very difficult and maybe I will talk about my tenure, it wasn't a waste of time.
Also recently made a couple female friends although one I think wants to BF me up (it's rare to find an attractive guy that can cook one of the very few side benefits of being in the industry).
I will be more active in this group. I only have one picture on my IG but I will hit at least 5 this year.
My biggest challenge is juggling work, a business, and trying to develop a personal brand. The biggest reason why I haven't been on social media is just too busy and I didn't want to dilute myself. I've been to different parts of the world and I do have pictures, just didn't want to post them up.
Zachery Moy
My Introduction
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